Scag Turf Tiger Review.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rja, Jan 5, 2001.

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    I purchased a Scag Turf tiger in late 1999. This machine has the 25hp Kohler horizontal engine and a 61" standard cutting deck. I put on about 50hrs this season and had only two problems. 1. The engine will diesl(knock)when shut down if it is running at idle. I was told by the dealer to run the engine at 1/2 throttle and then shut down. 2. There is an intermittent hesitation when the machine is started. The key is turned on but nothing happens. I have to hold the key on the on position and then the started engages. Other than these problems, this machine seems to be very rugged and performs well. After reading some posts on this board, I called the dealer and was told that the pre 1999 STT mowers were problem prone and that this was corrected in 1999. What has your expierence been with these 1999 machines? I am trying to identify any potential problems before the warrenty runs out. Thanks, Rich.
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    I bought the exact same unit at the same time. Your experiences mirror mine.

    I'm at 80 hours and the starting problem seems to get worst.

    Other than those items, other other problems.

    PS - I also cuts GREAT (as I'm sure you know), contrary to what you may hear.
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  4. rja

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    Jet, did you have the dealer look at it, I am assuming that this is still under warrantee? I spoke to my dealer, and he said that it might be a faulty switch. He would look at it under the warrantee and I would only have to pay for the installation. We agreed to do this when the weather brakes in the spring.
    I also posed this same question to the technical depts. at both Scag and Kohler. Both companies responded within 2 days, however the Scag rep. just gave general boiler plate answers and referenced me to the dealer. The Kohler rep, on the other hand, was very informative and helpful. Here is what he wrote:

    "Rich we did have a problem with leaking head gaskets on the Command 25
    engines. The problem was the design of the head gasket and the amount of
    threads on the head bolts. We strengthened the head gasket by adding
    additional webbing and on the head bolt we increased the amount of threads.
    The serial numbers affected by this concern were between 2719500001 through
    2808099999. Your engine is after this production build. Your engine has
    the new head gasket and head bolt designs

    Concerning the knocking and dieseling when you shut off your engine, your
    engine is equipped with a fuel shut-down solenoid on the carburetor. When
    you turn off the key there is a pin in the shut-down solenoid that closes
    off the main jet and shuts off the flow of fuel to the carburetor venturi.
    When the key is turned off at idle the throttle plate is closed and there is
    a vacuum built up in the intake and carburetor venturi. With this built up
    of vacuum the fuel is still being sucked past the solenoid pin allowing gas
    to enter the crankcase and muffler and continue to fire if there is a hot
    spot inside the combustion chamber or muffler. When you turn off the key at
    ½ to ¾ throttle, the pin in the solenoid will shut off the flow of gas to
    the carburetor venturi because the throttle plate is open, and will only
    take in clean air with no fuel mixture. This air will not fire because
    there is not fuel in it. It is recommended in the owners manual to shut off
    this engine with the throttle set at ½ to ¾. "
  5. Wow 50 hours per year on a $7000 machine.

    Even if you don't take sales tax, loan interest, fuel, insurance, and maint. into consideration your cost to use this machine for this year is $140 per hour.

    You must have some very lucrative contracts.

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    No, I am a weekend warrior. I have 3 acers of land to mow and did not want to pay someone $100 plus 25 times a year. I was using a gravely 2wheel with a 50" deck spending around 5hrs per mowing. I figured it was worth the 7gs to by the machine and cut my time in the saddle to 1.5hrs. My brake even point should be about 4 years. Also, with my usage, assuming I keep the rust at bay, this should be the last mower I by in my lifetime. God, I feel old.... Thanks to all for your input. Rich.
  7. rdh

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    have you read my post on warrenty repairs & demo.
    makes me wonder even more now.
    my #s are 282.........ten didgets on my koler.
  8. Jet boater

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    I'm in the same boat. I got 2.8 acres of my own (2.0 mowed). Wasn't going to pay someone to mow (sorry guys) and I like big things with big motors so I bought a Scag. Almost gives me a woody when I look at that big ZTR in my garage ;-)!!!

    If I had bought a Crapsman tractor, I'd spend my whole weekend mowing and the thing would wear out in 2 years!! With this STT, I get done with everything in about 1.5 - 2 hours. Leaves plenty of time for jet boating.

    D. Tom
  9. rja

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    Tom D. I too get a level of satisifaction when I see the ZTR and the Kub. sitting comfortably in the barn ready for action, but a WOODY ???!!! I think that you should spend a little more time on the jet ski with your siginificant other. Anyway, thanks for your input, it is appriciated. Rich.

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