Scag turf tiger surge kawa 29hp dfi

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jdslucky, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. BigFish

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    Actually I meant to say the Fuel System pages 2-8 thru 2-10
  2. jdslucky

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    Looks like soccer practice with the kids will consume tonight's work time. There is two brackets that in a way "scissor" with adjustment. I really hate how the throttle is only raised via 1 spring. Seems to be a headache in some other threads I've read. throttle rod spring is also present and in good shape. Kaw manual for sure. Thank you guys for the input for the all mighty thought process. I will report as soon as I can
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  3. jdslucky

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    No go! Adjusted governor and it ran great. Even pushed on the arms to disrupt the rpm and it settled right down. Shut the thing off, turned it back on then it started the same ol surging crap. I also loosened gas cap to see if it was drawing a vacuum. No change. So frustrating!
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  4. bvillefarm

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    We have had issues with this before. I would check to see if the engine is showing any fault code. Usually, I have found it to show an atmospheric pressure code. If I remember correctly, it shows a fault code of 22. Try turning the key to the on position and let sit for a few seconds, then try starting it.
  5. jdslucky

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    bfarm, yes i have checked for fault codes, when turning on the ign it will not flash a code. in addition to checking for codes, i have checked powers and grounds to the map sensor and have monitored sensing voltage to check for correct voltage atmospheric and under load. both check good against repair manual.

    the only thing that i have done that has changed anything was install a stronger and weaker spring that goes between throttle brackets and governor brackets. both the stronger and weaker spring made the surge faster. I recommend him to try replacing the $2.68. If that fixes it, all i can do is laugh at this point!
  6. JTV

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    Pinch off the fuel return line. If surging stops, replace the fuel regulator.
  7. jdslucky

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    Has new regulator, no change when pinched off
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  8. djagusch

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    Is the throttle shaft worn? It will wear over time and air will suck through the gap. Put some grease on thick on both sides of the shaft and see if it solves it.
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    I MOW ALONE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    ever fix the problem? having same issues
  10. xc2010

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    I have a 29dfi turf tiger going through this right know. Any resolution to the issue?

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