scag turf tiger VS Hustler super Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grizz228, May 17, 2007.

  1. grizz228

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    from ne pa
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    I have it down to these 2 machines for my first ZTR. The turf tiger has a 27 kohler with a 61 inch deck and the Super Z is 30 hp kohler with a 60 inch deck. How would you all rank these machines on cut, ease of do it yourself service, and relieability? The scag is a demo left over for 8200 and the super Z is an 07 for 9200.00. The scag dealer said it would be 9200 for a 07 scag.
  2. tacoma200

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    I don't see any comparison. The Scag with either the velocity or advantage deck will cut better in your area. Also stay away from the 30 hp Kohler, too may complaints and bugs that may not be worked out yet. I don't think Hustler has worked out the deck problems to my satisfaction but it is a more comfortable machine. So I would take the 27 Kohler over the 30 and the Scag deck over the Hustler. I've owned both. If all my lawns were weekly I would consider an Exmark or Toro. After owning both I give the Scag the edge in everything except comfort.
  3. grizz228

    grizz228 LawnSite Member
    from ne pa
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    thanks, I'm picking up the scag tomorrow. I loved it. I did demo both of them and the only thing I didn't like about the scag was the ROPS bar. Its an amazing feeling hitting a good size low hanging limb with the rops bar when your moving along at a good clip. After I cleaned myself up and realized what happened.... I was more careful after that. LOL
  4. tacoma200

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    Yes the ROP can be just as dangerous. Most take them off here but I'm not advising anyone else to do the same.. It is just as sturdy on a hill as the Super Z which doesn't have ROP so go figure. In fact I give the Turf Tiger the edge with the fuel tank beneath the seat.
  5. mhussey

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    I would definitely go with the Scag!!!!

    I am hearing too many bad things from the "big,yellow, fastest ZTR on the planet, that will take a jam in to a stump at mach 1 " corner....:laugh:

    Scag is one brand you don't find many bad things on. Thats a good price also. The Scag dealer in my area wanted 8500 for a Wildcat!

    Good luck....
  6. mag360

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    Fantastic price on the turf tiger.
    Hustler is selling super Z's with the 27kohler and 66inch deck for $8299 on promo. I'd feel bad paying an extra $900 for a super with a less desireable engine and smaller deck
  7. puppypaws

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    Everybody has different needs in different areas and you have to buy what meets those needs.

    The height I cut and the large open areas there is not a zero turn mower made that can come close to being as productive as the 28 efi Super Z I run.

    This is a fact not hear say if you put any Scag or Exmark made with me in the areas I cut the Super Z would just run off and leave them and it gives an excellent cut at 2.75 inches.

    This is not what most people want because they cannot utilize the speed I run. They have to cut higher at a slower speed to do a good job of keeping their paying customers happy and their grass healthy. This is just a difference in areas of the country and what kind of performance people need out of their machine.

    I figure it cost me $125.00+ an acre in a year which is close to a couple thousand dollars just to maintain my personal property so I sure don't want to crawl around and pay money to do it.

    I hear people on this site saying constantly that you cannot cut grass at 15 mph, I will tell you for a fact I cut a great deal of the time at 15 mph an it does a wonderful job at 2.75 inches. The mower with the flex forks rides very good at that speed and they have my mower now putting the new flex seat on so I can see how much difference it makes in the ride.

    Now if I tried to cut a 3.25 inches up you could forget it, the grass would be left half uncut at a high speed. I would have to slow down to probably in the 8 mph range to do a half way decent job.
  8. mhussey

    mhussey LawnSite Senior Member
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    Please don't take what I said seriously. I understand you have a large amount of grass to be cut. You can run full stick on most of your land because all your really wanting to do is knock it down and it looks half way decent. No one will see that spot of grass 500 yards away that was left un-cut.

    However, you can take about any mower and cut pretty darn good at 2.75 inches even at full stick. No it isn't running 15MPH, but you are pushing its limits. Thats pretty low.. You really start seeing a mower shine when you get 3.5 inches and up.. Thats where my Turbo Force really shines.

    Different mowers shine at different times. I guess if I mowed that much acerage then yeah I would need something that runs pretty fast. I will take a mower that gives a hell of a cut at 4" over a mower that will run 15MPH and only look good at 2.75". However, every man has different needs.

    I was referring to realslow when I said that. He, however isn't mowing what you are. I would still think you couldn't mow at full stick like he says he does and still have a flawless cut. It just doesn't work that way.

    Really I was just trying to make a funny.... I actually said in another post if I was to change brands of mowers other than Toro / Exmark it would probably be a Hustler. I really like some of their ergonomics that they implement in their machines.

  9. puppypaws

    puppypaws LawnSite Fanatic
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    Don't even think about me taking anything seriously, I'm to old I might have a heart attack. I just state the facts to the best of my ability and the Super Z on my property gives an excellent cut at 15 mph cutting 2.75 inches if it didn't I would not own one. Believe it or not the cut looks good at 10 feet much less 500 when you keep the blades in good shape.

    I doubt there is a mower made that gives the Exmark Ultra Cut finish at 15 mph and a 3.5" cutting height. I would say as good as Tacoma says the Ultra Cut is (and I have seen the pictures, clean beautiful cut) if it was trying to cut at 15 mph at 3.5" it would leave grass uncut. Even with the amount of suction that deck has it cannot keep the grass stood up to be cut clean at that speed. Once you are use to cutting at the speed I run it would drive me crazy having to go back cutting at 9 mph like the older Bobcat I owned.

    My dealer said today he drove my mower to see how it felt in comparison to his 72" 28 efi. He said my engine and mower operated as good or better than any he had used. I said that is kinda amazing you would think they would all be close to the same, he said there is always a little difference and my engine could not run any better. I said I told you before that was the best engine I had on any Super Z I had owned, it was perfect in every way. He said it actually runs better than my new one but it only has a few hours use. I said that one ran perfect from the first hour until the now 210th hour and the oil does not go down enough to even tell if it did use any.

    I said I think about a new one but it scares me because this one has been so perfect, there is no way I could get one any better and more than likely it would not be as good.

    If you were ever able to cut that fast and feel the wind in your face believe me you would have a hard time riding a slower mower, of course that is in large areas it makes no difference on a 1/4 acre lot.

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