SCAG Turf Tiger vs. Wildcat

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FIRESCOOBY, Feb 4, 2008.


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    Hey guys, need some help and insight here. I've talked to Mike Blevins (I think is his name) and got some good information. I am looking for more widespread input regarding these two mowers.

    I mow Bermuda and Fescue. Looking for something that provides a GREAT quality cut.

    I tow an aerator weighing maybe 3-400lbs.

    Do have some slopes, but my Hustler does fairly well.

    Yes I've demoed, but with the drought last year there was really nothing to cut.

    Please don't recommend other mowers as I've narrowed my search to these and the new John Deere.

    Wondering what advantages the Wildcat has over the TT other than the obvious. Will be getting a 52" deck. Wondering is the TT us worth the extra $1600?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. tb8100

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    Don't buy John Deere. Buy a Scag and don't look back.

    The Turf Tiger is a little faster, but the Wildcat has the 26hp LC Kawasaki spec with the 52", whereas the TT only lets you choose the 27hp air cooled Kohler. The TT sits a little higher and a little longer, holds 2 more gallons of fuel, and has a shaft driven deck also.

    Not sure if you consider that the obvious information or not...
  3. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    I like the shaft driven deck part. I thought the wildcat held more gas sence it had 2 tanks rather then just the one under the seat on the TT. The 27 Kohler is a good engine and has plenty of power. I have it on my 260Z and it uses right at a gallon per hour or so. The TT has bigger pumps and wheel motors which is a big plus. I believe the wildcat only has 10cc which I've always felt were a little small. The TT will hold it's value better for resale too.
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  4. tb8100

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    from TX
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    You're correct, the wildcat has 10cc pumps to the TT's 16cc pumps.

    You do bring up a big difference in the mowers. The TT's tank is mounted lower on the mower to lower the center of gravity. Some of the TT's competitors hold 15-18 gallons of fuel, but all that weight is up 8-12" higher.

    The Turf Tiger also has a 4-rail frame, which means less frame flex (but also a slightly stiffer ride).
  5. LDH

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    What is that TT selling for just out of curiosity?
  6. echo8287

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    I just bought a 52" 27hp TT. It was a demo with 90 hr's for $7500 + tax. I think I could have bought a new one for $9300+ tax. The mower had a few scratches on the fender but looked new otherwise. The dealer changed all fluids and filters,greased it,gave me new blades,new battery and left a trailer hitch it had on it. I only wish it came with the suspension seat. David
  7. tacoma200

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    Last year you could take your choice of a Turf Tiger Kawasaki 29 hp dfi 60" or 35 hp Vanguard for about $10,300 around this area if you bargained a little. Not sure about the smaller engines. Of course they retail for much higher.
  8. chuck bow

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    Was A brand new diesel TT on ebay this past weekend for 12750 ( kubota diesel) which for a diesel is a great price
  9. Wise_A

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    Scag's best offering (in my opinion) is the STT61V-29KA-DFI-SS.

    Thats the 61" with the 29HP Kawi digital fuel injection. For what you are looking for, its a little bit bigger, but in my mind anywhere that you can get a 52 you could also get a 61. With the 29HP you have enough power to pull that aerator and you would still get the fuel savings on the DFI. Plus, the v+ deck is like one of the best cuts I've ever seen.

    But, its more money than what you are looking at. People always say you get what you pay for, and if you are really gonna use the machine you're probably better off getting a turf tiger than a wildcat.
  10. LB1234

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    Can't comment on the deere cause never had any experience with them.

    However, we run three scags. 2000 WB, 2001 WB and a 2006 TT. LOVE the TT. We have a 61 w/29 LC kawi. The best feature (in our opinions) was the way it handled a slope. Only major problem was a stator (?) needing replacement within the first year. It was under warranty. Other than that we feel it provides a real quality cut and the bagging system we have installed is great for minor leaf cleanup as well as going through high wet grass in the spring.

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