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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ADLAWNCUTTERS, Jun 21, 2001.


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    hi guys i have two scag belt walkbehind mower and im very happy with scag.i didn't want to spend the extra money for hydro mowers ,my belts last atleast 5 years. well anyway i am thinking of buying a scag turf tiger this year or next, is it a good machine and worth the money. thank you for your replies...
  2. Integrity

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    I just bought a Turf Tiger this year. I love the machine. I got the 60" deck with the 27HP L/C Kawi engine. Runs great and leaves a nice look to the lawns.
  3. sdwally

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    We just demoed about 8 different ZTRs. The two top picks were Scag and Exmark, however we were mainly looking at the 72" with mulching decks. The Scag Sabre Tooth Tiger with 31hp turbo diesel won over the Exmark. Cleaner cut, the Exmark left trails of grass in heavy mowing and could not even keep up with the Scag. Also Scag had better traction on hillsides. In our opinion, Scag was much better built and easier to work on.
  4. JLC

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    I will say that now that I have figured out how to get it to cut decently I don't mind mine. I have however had to replace a wheel motor, pump and hub on one side. The other side is displaying similar symptoms, but I've been milking it for over 100 hours to avoid major repairs and it doesn't seem to be getting worse. I'm sure that the machine will get to 1000 hours without any more major troubles and I intend to run it till it drops. Mine has the standard deck and I've been having good luck with single standard lift blades for the last month. If the Advantage deck is better than the standard deck I would think you would be happy with it's cut. They are built like a tank and as mentioned earlier are easy to work on.
  5. Jet boater

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    Turf Tiger owners unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love mine too. It's like driving a tank!!!
  6. Jr.

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    I bought a new turf tiger last year and I love it. It has the 25hp kohler and the advantage deck. I have always used the Exmark lazers but on the advice of a friend I tried the scag. Really glad that I did. I will admit that until I was able to get used to it I hated it with a passion and cursed it violently but, after using it more and more I very rarely take the exmark off the trailer.
    If I was buying another mower today, I would go with another turf tiger but this time I would get one with a liquid cooled engine. I still like my exmark but right now the scag is tops.


    ADLAWNCUTTERS LawnSite Member
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    sounds good .thanks for your advice.peace
  8. Jerrys Lawn Service

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    ADLAWNCUTTERS, we have two TT's one with the standard deck one with the advantage deck, we run doubles on each. The advantage has much better air flow, as of today we have 150 hrs. on the new one with the advantage deck and I have'nt had to clean the deck out yet! Great machines !
    Good Luck!

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