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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by voglernut, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. voglernut

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    I've always owned Dixie Choppers but came across a deal i didn't want to pass up. An older retired guy started a lawn care business last year with brand new equipment. He got sick and put it up for sale. I bought a 2010 Turf Tiger with a 31 horse liquid cooled kohler with only 42 hrs and a brand new 16' trailer set up with racks and ramp for only $8000 total. I've heard good things about the velocity decks and i'm anxious to get to try one now. It will be different having some orange on my trailer.
  2. ncknaklawns

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    See alot of those mowers around here. Too bad about the old guy.
  3. ed2hess

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    We bought a used one this winter with the big block engine on it and water cooled. One thing I didn't anticipate is that I have to clean that radiator screen about every hour. It gets clogged and water temp goes up. These units are monsters. Ours is propane thankfully.
  4. StihlBR600

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    Show us some pictures!!!
  5. voglernut

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    I will try to get some pics in the next day or so.
  6. wmslc

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    We bought a 2010 Scag TT 35hp and a 2010 Scag V-Ride 26hp and couldn't be happier. Much better than our Hustlers have ever been. I've never owned a Dixie, but I am very confident you won't be disappointed.

    Our TT was $ 8,700 new (great deal) and a new 16' trailer in our area is at least $ 2,500 thats a great deal IMO.


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