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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mach14604, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    Yes I ran a lc Kawi 29DFI TT demo when they came out around 4 years ago. I got it overheated running in dusty dry conditions within an hour. So I've stuck with air cooled ever since then.
  2. pblc

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    You must have had bad luck with these - we're running multiple units now and haven't had any problems. It does use a little coolant, but not anything to be concerned about. We used to use the 29 Kawi FI but like these better....

  3. puppypaws

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    You know there is a problem with mach's engine, they do not use coolant. There may be a small amount of loss through evaporation, but if it is going into the engine and the exhaust smoke is white, the problem needs to be addressed.
  4. yard_dawg

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    I have 2 of the tigers with the big block in them. Over 700 hrs and not 1 problem. These things will cut some grass.
  5. scagnomore

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    Pull your back wheels off and check for cracks on the pad that the wheel motor is attached to I have two scag tiger cats and both mowers have cracks in the bolt holes where the motor is bolted. One of the mowers is less than a year old and has less than 700 hours. We have 2 of these and both are cracked in the same places on both sides. We have contacted SCAG about this issue and recieved no help whatsoever nobody even showed up to look at it....VERY DISAPPOINTED IN SERVICE!!!



    photo 3.JPG
  6. SRT8

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    We just recently bought a Cheetah with the Vanguard. Very nice mower
  7. puppypaws

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    I'm very sorry to see and hear about this, and I must say this is a first. I can't believe Scag would not be interested in this, they need to see the failure so they can make sure it does not happen again.
  8. Bilrus61

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    Catapillar has absolutly nothing to do with the design or manufacturing of their small 3 cylinder engines used in the ZTR mowers. It is designed by Perkins and made in Japan by Shibaura, the same company that makes the small compact tractors for New Holland/Case. Before I would let a Cat tech work on a small 3 cylinder Cat engine I would call up my local New Holland/Case dealer and ask them about any issues. I would lay dollars to doughnuts they will know more about the small 3 cylinder Shibaura engines than a Cat tech that works on big monster engines every day and never has even seen one of the little "Cat"/Perkins/Shibaura engines in his shop. The only thing "Cat" about these engines are the stickers and the paint color. My dad owns a little 3 cylinder Shibura/Case compact tractor and they are killer engines. Never a lick of trouble. Very powerful with lots of torque.:cool2:
  9. johnnybravo8802

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    I had a 72" Sabre tooth with a 31 turbo Daihatsu. The biggest downside I found was the heat the engine generated-It was like sitting in front of an oven while operating and that's not good when it's already 98 degrees. In fact, the radiator is so close to you, my arm strayed a little behind me one day and I burned it on the radiator-:cry:The weight difference is really noticeable to in my opinion-my mower felt like lead weight when I was running it and it was not nimble in the least bit. The vibration is really high also-things loosen up-had a ground on my starter loosen up one night and I had to winch it onto the trailer and drive it 40 minutes to fix it. I looked for 2 hrs to find the problem and couldn't because it was 11PM at night. That was inconvenient and has never happened with a gas burner. Overall, I'd stick with the gas.
  10. scagnomore

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    One of our mowers was down for well over a month right in the middle of mowing season waiting on Scag to come look at the problem and maybe give us some help. Thanks to having the best welding shop and machine shop in the area, we had them make us some 1/2 in plates that weld up to the locations where the frame is cracking.
    There is only one man that uses both mowers, and they are always well maitained and kept up. We bolted these plates up to the frame and then we had our welding shop weld the 1/2 plate to the frame.


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