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Scag Turf Tiger

AB Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Ok here is my outlook on the turf tiger.A company in town owns 2 they scalp the snot of of the parks they cut!!!!But on the other hand they cut at a short setting and the drivers don't care how bad it looks!Now if you cut with it properly maby it would be a great mower!I will say this though scag builds reliable machines and that mower is very fast!!!!!!You decide.But if you had a Dixie dealer in your area I would choose a DC over a turf tiger any day!I think read a post about 2-3 months ago and a guy said he bought one.Maby someone here owns one????They might be able to help you out!<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Texas
Snake: I have a buddy that owns a 61&quot; Scag Turf Tiger with the 23hp Kawasaki liquid cooled engine. Most of his properties are very flat and minimal landscaped areas. I ran three 44&quot; Toro waklk behinds on the same property for comparison, he finished 10 minutes faster and thats 1 man vs. 3 of my guys. I would buy one if your budget allows!


LawnSite Member
North Texas
I would like to tell you that I have used the Turf tiger for the last five years in my cemetery mowing business and I have nothing to tell you but good , My mowers are taken care of ,and maybe that should influence you on your next purchase, I have had one breakdown in the last year,blown fuse. You need to understand that others that give you advise may mistreat or not know how to mow. The one thing you need to do is have a good dealer,will he replace mower while being fixed ,like lend a demo for the down time? Scag has been making me money and other lawn care guys ,(with other brands) have slowly went away. Good luck in your search. And god bless.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Seymour Indiana
the turf tiger is one great machine, day in day out it has not let me down. I used exmarks ztr but it was not for me...probably a big thing you should look at is your dealer if it ever comes up can he get you in and out quick in case you break down???


LawnSite Senior Member
I don't own a turf tiger, but do have a 61&quot; scag sthm with almost 1500 hours and I just replaced the first bearing last week. That is the only thing that has failed on this machine,except for one blown fuse in over three years. Excellent cut and pretty much bullet proof. Scag makes one of the most dependable machines on the market. You could do a lot worse than a turf tiger. MHO, Lynn


LawnSite Member
I have one thats pushing 2500 hundred hours, its a 98 model. It has 22 liquid kaw. on it with a 52&quot; deck.Did not have one failure on it!!!!But, i grease and clean my scaq's every sunday, inspect for anything that will let me down on a job. One thing i can not do with it is cut nothing lower than 2.5 inches, it will scalp big time.But i got no problem with that, all the grass i cut is at 3.5 to 4.5 inches in florida.Its NOT a part time business here, so thats why you must have A VERY relible mower.Good luck in your hunt for the perfect mower.


LawnSite Member
Stick, <br>I also mow here in floridia and <br>The only thing that I am still wondering is how it cuts in wet grass I heard it clumps real bad have you had this problem.

Jerrys Lawn Service

LawnSite Member
Snake, We love our TT it's fast and still<br>gives a great cut! Just as someone said in a<br>previous post if you are cutting under 2.5<br>inches your going to scalp somewhere,but thats pretty short. We use 61 inch, 25hp and<br>this mower cuts just about anywhere,We're<br>comming up on 300hrs and no problems yet!<br>Good luck!<br>