SCAG Turf Tiget for sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Tactical, Aug 16, 2007.

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    SCAG Turf Tiger, 52" cut with 2265 hours. Just serviced (new battery, oil filter, plugs, lube...) by Lawnmowers R Us in Miami Florida in preparation for sale.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this mower. It is ready to work and make you $$.
    It has a Kohler motor (22 or 23 HP - not sure which but if you are interested I will gladly check which).
    I have a tree service and purchased in April for $3000 with intention to get into lawncare. The lawn business didn't work out for me so my loss is your gain. Will sell for $2500 firm. You are welcome to come and try it out before purchasing.
    I purchased from a neighbor of one of my frineds in North Carolina who mowed his 5 acre back lot every week. This mower has never been used commercially (except by me for three months but I only had two properties to mow - each lesss than 3 acres)
    Call Tim at 786-459-0086.


  2. Tactical

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    Can't figure out how to edit my previous post!!!
    I apologize but I attached the wrong photo. Please give me a call and I will send you all of the photos you want.
    The photo I attached is of my Tiger Cub (also for sale). Unfourtunately they looked the same in the thumbnail view when I was uploading them. Sorry....
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    how many hours does the tiger cub have on it? very interested.
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    back up for a bump.
  5. Tactical

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    The tiger cub has 1529 hours.
  6. Tactical

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    ???? ????

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