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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hossmp, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Hello Everyone. I recently purchased a Scag Wildcat with the 52 inche deck and the 25 h.p. Kawasaki engine, it was a leftover 2005. I am very very pleased with the machine and feel it was over built relative to many of the other mid size zero turn machines. I am thinking of replacing my Bobcat 60 inch zeroturn or realy just relagating it to back up its a 1998 machine. I was thinking of getting a Turftiger 61 inch with the 27 Kawi l.q. engine. Does anyone have any idea of a ball park purchase price that I should expect from my local dealers? None have the machine in stock they have the 72 with the 29 dfi at one dealer and the other only has two of the diesel ones currently in stock and they are way out of my price plus I dont want a 72 inch deck. Also, does anyone have any suggestions on any other brand that is as heavy duty as the Scag? My Bobcat is a great machine but I didnt think there new stuff was as heavy duty as the Scag and I like to run my equipment for many years. Thanks and sorry for the long post!
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    Why not go with the 61" Wildcat with the 26hp Kaw L.C.? I just got one last week and love it. The Vol. deck is great and you know already know how good the Wildcat is in the field.
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    Sorry, the Wildcat cost me 7999 and 2500 for the collection system installed.
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    I am on my 5th Turf Tiger with 27hp Kawi. You will not have a problem with power unless your trying to cut something 2-3 feet tall. You'll love it. Especially since it is shaft driven and the WIlcat is belt driven.
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    Has Scag ever loosened up the control arms. The last one I drove you had to fight the cotrols they had a lot of dampening. Maybe not a bad thing but I wasn't used to it. I liked it other than that and I wasn't used to sitting so low.
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    Our dealer near us has a left over 2005 61" kohler Turf Tiger for $8499.00 only one they had there last friday.

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