Scag Ultimate 48in Hydro

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by greenthumbmorehead, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. greenthumbmorehead

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    Scag Ultimate 48 inch hydro walk behind mower and with 17 kaw engine and the new Velocity deck. Jungle Wheels are included with the mower. The mower has the quick change height by pulling cotter pins on the deck to raise height. I'm the second owner of this mower and I got it with about 270 hours or so. I believe its a 08 model don't quote me but I'm pretty certain thats the year. The hour meter is now showing 349. I have had the mower for two years and I would say I have put probably 50 hours on it in those two years. The other 30 were from leaving the key turned on. I was the only one to use this mower and used it probably an 1 hour a week to mow a couple little hillsides. The mower is in great shape the mower has been serviced and ready to work. New engine oil, hydraulic oil filters and blades sharpened. I don't use this mower enough to justify keeping and I bought a older snapper to use for hillsides now. The mower has normal scratches but is just mainly dusty! I'm asking 3,250 or shoot me with your best offer. Call or text me 606-776-8918 thanks Philip.



  2. metro36

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    Where is morehead?
  3. Landrus2

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    Looks nice when we can go see it.:drinkup::drinkup::drinkup::drinkup:
  4. sweetjetskier

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    What kind of hour meter is on the mower?

    The only type of hour meter I have ever had on equipment only keeps track of hours when the engine is running,not if you left the key on.
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  5. scagfreek

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    i agree i have a 72 with the same hour meter on it and the thing hast to be running
  6. djagusch

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    If the mower is a electric start w/battery it runs with the key on engine off.
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  7. Scag413

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    Could it be an electric start with a pull rope for a back-up? That might explain the hour meter running with the key on. Also, I happened to run acrossed it on craigslist and morehead is in kentucky close to lexington area.
  8. sweetjetskier

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    I ran exmark lazers for over 12 years and sometimes the key would be left on for whatever reason, the hour meter didn't move,maybe its the type of hour meter, maybe scag uses some different setup
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  9. greenthumbmorehead

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    Ok so now you guys have me curious, I really don't think I have used it that much since I have bought it. I'm going to the shop now and turn the key on and see if it adds hours. It's not electric start its just pull but I'm going to check. Morehead is one hour east of Lexington Kentucky on I-64. I'll let you know in the next couple of hours if it adds them or I just used it more than I actually thought!
  10. greenthumbmorehead

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    Alright just got back from the shop! In fact you all are correct, the hour meter does not turn on the mower with the key on! The engine has to be running. So in my previous message I did in fact put more hours on the mower than I thought. As the picture above shows is the actual hours the machine has and it will not increase during the winter or spring since we don't really use it anymore. I checked my two tiger cubs and w the key turned on they do add up hours( thats with the same meter as the walk-behind has) along with my 3 turf tigers that have the newer digital hour meter they will add hours with the key on. So you all are right if it has a battery and is electric start I would think most would add hours if not I guess they don't. I was wrong. Sorry. Thanks for looking Philip Van Kersen

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