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Scag Ultimate? Fl. replies please.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Central Florida
The only thing I can recommend is trying it in the growing season. I am not going to repeat the negative things I have had to say about Scag walkbehinds and the trouble I had with them. This is a completely different machine, and i think the 52" is completely different than the 48".

BTW, I thought I remembered you saying you were in the Deland area?


LawnSite Member
I own 2 scag's

One is an older belt drive and the other is a 2000 52" hydro with an advantage deck. I love both of the machines. The advantage deck cuts all the grass in one pass. The grass was 8+ inches tall. I have used JD, Bunton, and toro, and I would be crazy to not continue to use Scag.

Try one and you never go back


LawnSite Senior Member
i have a 61" scag turf tiger and it cuts excellent,however i cannot speak for the walkbehind, but i'm sure it will cut just as good-the advantage deck works great in all grasses-also you may want to consider the 61" because it will go through anything the 52" will, because if you have a gate its either gonna be 36" or 48" or a double gate usually.


LawnSite Member
Northeast Ohio
I bought a new Skag Ultimate 52" last spring and so far so good with one exception. I found out this fall that if I put the deck up above 3.5" (for leaves) that it eats the engine - blade belt. I'll return it for the warranty work in the next few weeks. They may have fixed that problem by now, but make sure and demo one to see if it still does that.

I bought it for $5199 including a grass gobbler attachment. (A special the dealer was running in my area.)

Good luck.