Scag V ride 2 52" review 12 hours in


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lol no need to get triggered and passive aggressive about being old. We all get there some day..
Seems your the only one getting all bothered around here. Everyone else is just saying that they have used many machines in the past and 23 hp should be plenty. Everyone has said there must be something wrong with your mower. You don't seem to care about that, just saying it needs more power.


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I ran a sentar 48 inch cut 19 hp for years, never bogged. A toro zmaster 48 21 hp for years never bogged. 23.5 on a 52 is plenty something is wrong with the mower.


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23hp on a 54" and a 52" deck right here. Never had a problem with either machine having the power it needs. I also don't bush hog with it. I suppose if you do bush hog you'll need that bit of extra power. Otherwise you'll never see it or need 35hp on a 54" or 52" deck.
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