Scag V-Ride Belt replacement

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnsaspire, Sep 29, 2012.

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    I think I've narrowed my poor cutting on my v-ride down to a stretched belt. Does anyone know can I pick up replacement belts for this mower at a farm or auto store. The scag dealership is over an hour away. It's a 48 inch V-Ride the Scag belt number is 483966.
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    Take the belt off and carry it to the store. That way there is no guess work.
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    How did you narrow it down to a stretched belt?

    The reason I ask.... with modern Aramid fiber belts, stretch is rarely a problem. They stretch less than 1% of their total length. I took a look at the IPL for the 48" V-Ride and it has a nice long spring on the idler. Is spring stretched at all or is it hanging their loosely?

    You think you have a "stretch" issue now, put one of those Polyester cord hardware store belts on and see how long it lasts. There is a BIG difference in belt construction. OEM's spend a lot of time and money to make sure they use the right belt for the application.

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    This makes more sense now that I saw your other post over in Repair section.

    If the belt is cracked replace it with an OEM belt.

    Cut quality - 2 possibilities (Neither have anything to do with your belt)

    1. Sharpen your blades and clean your deck (I'm sure you've got this handled)


    2. We're in a drought man! The grass gets sparse and what's left is wimpy. It's a real PIA to cut. All you can do is lower your HOC. (high lifts help if you can stand the dust!)

  5. I'd find a Dayco belt distributor of some type. Sometimes your local auto parts stores will carry them. You can take a tape measure and measure the back side of the belt to find out how long it is. A 5/8 belt in a Dayco will be a BP series and the 1/2 will be a AP Series which is their industrial type belt. The Dayco part number is not the same as the inches of the belt though. I think a 133 inch in 5/8 is a BP131. also sells Dayco belts and free shipping on purchases over $25. Just received 2 in the mail today.
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    I want to make it clear I found out that Agricultural grade belts and Aramid / Kevlar belts are not the same thing, may in some cases be used interchangeably but ultimately most of our machines would call for an agricultural grade belt... How I found out, the $5 Kevlar belt that I tried to use as a transmission belt wouldn't last two days and it wasn't just that one, I went through 3-4 of those Vbelts 4 less before I went back to the $18 ag. grade belt and haven't had a problem since.

    Generally speaking, the same thing applies to Industrial vs. Agricultural, granted I won't fault anyone for trying because I have found some applications where it can save you money, but be it known that it was, at least for me, trial and error.

    Further, if you go to the Automotive store make SURE they do NOT give you an automotive type belt!
    Those are most definitely not agricultural grade, they don't even come near the strength of a K-belt, car belts won't last 5 minutes.

    Lessons Learned: With anything but OEM and Agricultural grade belts, you take your chances.
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