Scag V ride pricing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BJWLAWNCARE, Jan 20, 2012.


    BJWLAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    They sent me an e-mail 20% off? January and Febuary special pricing. Has anyone gotten dealer quotes?
  2. HenryB

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    Around $7000 for a 52. 60in about $400 more 48 about $6800. Great deals for sure. Exmark should do the same or they'll lose a lot of Red fans to Orange. They are loosing me as I type.
  3. shadetreelawns

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    I was quoted $6,020.00 last week for a 36"
  4. shadetreelawns

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    That was with a mulch kit.
  5. weeze

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    i like the v ride's and if i was gonna get a stander i'd probably get one of those but the prices for those things (and all standers in general) are just too high. i got my 54" ztr for $7900...why would i pay almost the same amount for a stander that has a smaller deck, goes slower, holds less fuel, and has less horsepower? just saying. to me standers should be $5000 or less or they are of no interest to me. i guess that's why i have no plans on ever buying one.
  6. djagusch

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    I'll say thats your opinion. A vride's speed will keep up with alot of ztr's. If the Ztr does not have 16cc pumps it will be as fast but still be lighter.

    This is what I will say. Based on weight, size of deck, and typical yard for the deck size this is what I think a person should buy.

    21" to 36" walkbehind mower, usually small tight or gated yards. Lightwieght for many turn's and reverse.

    48" to 52" stand on mower, small tight to medium yards. Midwieght and easy to look around the whole machine for objects.

    61" to 72" rider, mid to large yards. Weight not much of a issue and speed comes into play.
  7. weeze

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    i'm sorry it's not opinion, it's fact. you are wrong. my mower has top speed of 10.5 mph with 13cc pumps. the v-ride 48"-52" goes 8.5mph top speed. (i was comparing my 54" to the 52" v-ride) the 61" v-ride does go 11mph but why would you want a 61" stander mower? if the lawn is big enough for a 61" mower then you aren't gonna want to be standing up for the amount of time it takes to mow it. you wanna stand up for 2-3 hrs on a lawn? why not get a 61" cheetah that goes 16mph? a stander is a little lighter yes but why does that matter? i haven't had any issues on small, medium, or large lawns with my heavier ztr. i dont' cut in the rain or when the lawn is wet, soggy though which you shouldn't do anyways no matter how light your mower is.
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  8. weeze

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    the only stander size that makes sense to me is a 36 or a 48. they would be nice to have for smaller yards. those yards where you are done in 30min or less. i wouldn't pay $6k-$7k for them though. maybe the $4k-$5k range would be more appropriate. if i was gonna pay $7k i would go ahead and pay $10k and get a 61" scag cheetah especially since they have 0% for 48months (4years) going right now.
  9. djagusch

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    Try driving the two side by side. My oldest turf tiger was rated at 10mph and the vride keeps right up with it even with the rpms up'd.

    I had once the same mind set as you about using a rider compared to a stander or w/b. Once I added a vride I noticed why they are used compared to riders in the same mid deck sizes 48" to 52". My guys actually prefer them to riders. Also 2 to 3 hrs is not bad on one but typically a 61" rider fits that situation better.

    The only reason I see the 48 to 52 deck being a rider is if it is your only mower and you need it for bagging. That is the only drawback on a stander is the bagging situation.

    For your jd the 13cc pump is a oddball size for the most part. Most mfg go from the 10cc to 16cc pumps in the past. Which was my point of the speeds also.

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  10. ommegang

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    I would have to disagree on power. My 52" Vride has a 26hp FX. Further, I got this for $7000 at 0 for two years. For me, $800 less than a ZTR is worth it. I need to get on/off quite a bit so for me, I like it. Speed is irrelevant. It's a stander - you don't buy a stander to go superfast. Plus, even my Ferris didn't cut great maxed out. I guess I don't understand why you claim standers have smaller decks. Get whatever deck size you want. Although anything above 52" clearly dictates a ZTR. Don't discount the vision aspect of standers also. Price, sight, and on/off made me want a stander. I would like a MOD or OCDC though at least on my 36" stander.

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