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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by sootonurford, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. sootonurford

    sootonurford LawnSite Member
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    I just sold my navigator and need a new mower asap. Im done bagging and dont want togo back to a walk behind. I think a stander would be a nice change of pace and i need a 48 inch deck. Iv heard bad things about the wright standers and most people say scag is the way togo i also like there first time buyers financing program. Anyone that has any input would be great.
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  2. Blade Runners

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    Got a 52 v-ride and love it. Deck is very good in a wide range of conditions. I've cut in super high, super thick conditions and it amazes me how well and evenly it disperses clippings. I have never seen it leave a clump of grass, ever. Cuts/stripes very nice on well-kept lawns. Very maneuverable. Responsive controls. Can't really speak about hills. I use a wb for those.

    There are tons of threads on here about Scag V+ decks.
  3. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    The vride is a pretty beast of a machine. Controls felt pretty good. Usually to me scag has stiff controls but the Vride was pretty smooth. The Cut is amazing. My yard was at least a foot and the Vride went through it like it was nothing. Look up DLawns. He did review On a v ride
  4. Rvldesign

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    i love my vrides very easy to use and very powerful never really had any problems with mine they run smooth and leave great cuts. i would highly recommend one.
  5. Son's Lawn Maintenance LLC

    Son's Lawn Maintenance LLC LawnSite Member
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    Bought 2 a week ago and wouldn't run anything else. There awesome!
  6. kawakx125

    kawakx125 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i've had good luck with wright decks, just not with the original blades. i hate vrides and grandstands where you are above and behind the machine. wrights get you down low and i'd probably be headless right now if i had anything else. to each his own, 90% of the stand on mowers you see around here are wrights.

    ultimately, and maybe even most important, go with the one that is gonna have good dealer support in your area. no mower is any good if its down waiting on parts! personally i've got 7 wright dealers within 25 miles of my house.
  7. sootonurford

    sootonurford LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the help guys im gonna go with the scag for sure. I like the wrights but i know people who have had problems with them and iv been told there hard to work on. Theres also alot more scag dealers near me
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  8. MTenterprises

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    Got a 52 vride for this year and so far it is awesome. Velocity deck out cuts the ultra cut I was used to on my exmarks. I'm becoming a big fan of Scag. :usflag:
  9. CTmower

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    Looking into picking up a Scag V ride 48" in the next couple of week but before I do I had a couple questions.
    First, are you able to step off the platform and still mow or is there a safety switch that engages on it? I only ask because I mow a couple steep hills that tend to be slick sometimes where I feel I would definitely have to step off and walk it along. Also mow a property that is ALWAYS wet and I usually have to step off my velke using my current 48" so I feel I'd have to do the same with the Vride to leave the least weighted footprint with the mower.
    If there is a safely is it as simple as just taking a zip tie to hold it in the on position or would I have to tie the wires together?
    Lastly price. My local deal gave me a price of $7150 which he said was the fleet pricing going on until the end of April and I could get 0%/4yr financing.
    Any goods and bads about the machine I'd like to hear about.
    I'm replacing my 48" Exmark TTHP with the V ride if all goes well.
  10. CTmower

    CTmower LawnSite Senior Member
    from CT
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