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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by sootonurford, Mar 25, 2013.

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    I have a 2010 model and the opc is in the foot platform, so by stepping off, it kills it. There is a work around for that. Remove the bolt on the left side of the platform where the section flips up. Puta padlock in that hole with the loop
    facing the rear. Press down on the platform and flip the lock side of the padlock to the front and boom. It keeps the platform depressed and thinks there is a rider. This is only for the opc like mine though. Not sure if the new ones are the

    Edit- I meant loop to the rear tire, not the rear of the platform.
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    The new ones allow it to be cutting while in walkbehind mode
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    Well there ya go!
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    I have found that my 48 vride does well on well hills. I did crash it into a bed last week - but I have mowed that hill before, and the day I ran it into the bed it had started sprinkling.
    I noticed that there is poor traction when walking behind the mower with the deck up. With my weight on the machine it does better.
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    I should have answered your questions - just get off and mow as long as you hold the left handle which is the OPC. Deck up deck down does not matter. There is no OPC on the deck.

    Cost - I just paid 6950 out the door for a 48 vride about 2 weeks ago. Tax is 9.25% where I bought it - so 6950 minus whatever the tax is that I paid, is how much the mower was.
    One dealer got stuck on the 7150 price and I called some others in 100 mile radius until someone gave me a better price - luckily it was only 20 miles away.

    It will tear up some turf with new tires and the controls are sensitive. But someone with more experience would be able to handle it better than me.
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    They operate much better a rider on the machine then in walk behind mode especially on hills. I took the front weights off my 36 last year and had one extremely steep hill and te front end wante to pop up a little so I kinda ride it like a kick scooter as kept one foot on and then kinda walked with the other foot but like I said much better with the rider always on the machine. I haven't had any problems out of my 36" I got last year and bought a 52" this year. Just wish the weather would warm up and the grass green up. Tire of all these cold fronts and rain every 3 days.
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