Scag V Ride VS. Toro Grandstand - The Rundown

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GroundWorkx, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. cpllawncare

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    Yep, glad bermuda is self healing LOL I thought it might roll over though when I turned it sideways to get it out of the slide.
  2. sjessen

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    Sounds like you are on the right track. The scag may be designed for heavier operators. As an experiment try putting the weight you removed on the platform and see how it does.

    You can learn to finesse the "wheelie" with some practice.
  3. jbell36

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    yeah you simply cant use the GS with the platform up...i found this out the hard way...when i first got it i was still getting used to what it could do, one yard was really wet and down hill and i was getting cocky with how much it could actually do because i was so impressed with the hills it could climb sideways, and it started to slide towards a car so i jumped off and it slid twice as fast, and right into the car...luckily it somehow just hit the tire and bounced off, really hard i might add...luckily there was no damage, but i quickly learned the traction in walk behind mode is non existent
  4. sjessen

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    Had a really scary moment when demoing the Vantage last spring. I lost control of it and it slid into the woods(muddy as well). Was trying to walk it out but the wheels were spinning so I hopped on the platform and the front end came up and flipped over backward. Not a 180 but just past 90 degrees. Was able to push it back and got it out. fuel was coming out of the air cleaner. Not pretty.
  5. Darryl G

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    The problem with all of these zero turn machines is that when going down a hill most of the weight is on the front wheels and your control is in the rear wheels...just not enough weight on them. When traversing slopes I sometimes have to make my turns in the opposite direction I normally would, so that I'm turning uphill instead of downhill. Then I back up and turn a little to get to my next row.
  6. GroundWorkx

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    Have any of you used or even seen these Ted Brakes? Pretty interesting.
  7. sjessen

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  8. GroundWorkx

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    It's kind of all over the place down here. A decent amount of Kentucky bluegrass and fescue, some Bermuda. A lot of places are mixed. And of course there are a bunch of yards we do that have mostly weeds.
  9. weaver

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    That would have to be the craziest demo story i ever heard....
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  10. GroundWorkx

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    You know, we've been pretty pleased with ours too, and it is a first year. We wish ours had more horsepower, but in the dry months it's just fine. So your GS's cut well in wet grass? We can sharpen the blades and clean out the deck and it will clump and get gunked up on the 1st yard the next day if it is wet and thick. But I've found that to be the case with all the toros I've owned as far as I can remember.

    I've operated a lot of different brands of mowers, and had found toro to be the best thus far. But the scag deck was pretty shocking to me. All I can say is that almost every yard we have to double cut with the grandstand, we can single cut with the scag, at a higher speed (especially on the big yards). I wasn't expecting it to save us as much time as it does.

    We do feel like both mowers are valuable to us, and really enjoy the combination of the two so far. We aren't really looking to get rid of the GS, just to be able to use it where it shines.

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