Scag V Ride VS. Toro Grandstand - The Rundown

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GroundWorkx, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. caseysmowing

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    I remember you saying you didn't like your v ride in other threads. If you are less than 200lbs I would give it a try it's only two bolts. In my experience it is better than a wb on hills. I have little time on my 36sfw but it just slides down the hills I can hold with the v ride. I have heard that a 36 isn't good on hills I'm guess because of the weight and width. If I knew how to up load pictures I would show you some of the hills I do with it. Even though pictures are misleading you could get a idea. Alot depends on the grass too. I can text pics.
  2. Darryl G

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    I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this, but I've asked it before and never gotten a satisfactory answer, and you guys are experienced stand-on operators.

    I operate a walk behind with sulky and a Z rider and am often popping up the front of the walk behind and using the foot lift assist on the rider to clear obstacles in lawns...roots, rocks, bare areas etc. How do you guys deal with this on a stand-on unit? I know some of them have a hand lever that you can use to raise the deck, but is it practical to do that while mowing? I can't imagine not being able to raise the deck when I need to and instead having to go around everything.
  3. caseysmowing

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    Both of mine you can raise the deck and move over obstacles then let it back down. Same as doing it with a rider but you only have one hand the controls and the other on the deck lift. Just like if you were on a regular lawn mower. I don't think all standons have this feature and I don't think I would buy one if it didn't. I don't have perfect lawns.
  4. Darryl G

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    Thanks Casey.
  5. jbell36

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    what he said...

    i think that the new gravely has a FOOT deck assist...i at least want to demo one before we buy new mowers next, this gravely sounds impressive
  6. jbell36

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    so you have a 36 v ride? does well on hills? i know our vantage doesn't, would like to have a stander that can handle hills, seems like wright is the best, or at least has BEEN the best...
  7. caseysmowing

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    I have a 48 v ride and a 36sfw which is scag's wb. I did try out the 36 v ride for about 15 on a hill and didn't care for it. But it also has two 35lb weights on the front and I'm pretty sure the tires had too much air in them. So I can't tell you weather they are any good on hills.
  8. ZDupree

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    I own a 61in vride as well and had the same opinions as you regarding hillside operation and traction...until i made some mods to move the machine's center of balance back some.
    These simple changes that really made HUGE difference...
    -Take all 3 belt covers off the machine(permanently)
    -Take the 35lb cast iron weight off the front machine and bolt it to the bottom of the operator foot platform using two 1/2" carriage bolts (The holes will line up with the perforated traction holes in the platform) This sounds weird but it made the biggest difference
    -Make sure the tires have 8 psi in them.
    -Remove waist/hip pad. (allows you to lean over the controls more going up hill, which you'll need with the lighter front end and allows you to lean side to side easier)

    Also simple operation methods that dramatically increase traction/decrease turfing
    -Let your heels hang off the back of operator platform pretty much all the time except going up hill
    -When going downhill get as much of your body as far uphill as you can
    -When facing down hill and maneuvering around obstacles that require you to turn the nose of the machine uphill (this is when I have the most trouble) be sure to get the both wheels moving some first before using one side to actually turn.

    After these changes I have found this mower to be much better on hills than my 36" and 60" turf tracers.

    Also this is my first post...sorry if its messed up. Noob...
  9. Judo

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    I took my 48 v Ride back and forth across many 20-30 degree inclines with no problems. Just have to be easy with the controls. It doesn't get much hillier than Western PA, ESPECIALLY AROUND PITTSBURGH. Hills are norm rather than the exception around here.
  10. Rvldesign

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    I have a 36" and 52" vride both handle every hill I have ever asked it to do. I changed the tire out on the 36" for wider tires which got rid of any rutting issue and tremendously helped on hillsides as well. Also removed one weight on the 36" Amd the only weight on the 52". I highly recommend the 36" for small operations and am always surprised I never see more people with them especially with the high cost of hydro walk behinds. I have one house were the home owner claims to have a 20% include and it climbs it just fine but it also had a complex slope meaning its going down hill and also left to right. Can be a little shakey on it and I don't let the other guys ride this property but will practice on this machine it can do it although I typically use the 52" on this property as it handles it even better. Only complaint I can think of on either vride is I didn't buy one sooner. That being said never tried the gs or vantage but there are zero toro dealers here and didn't care for the motor moving up and down with the deck. Also %20 off makes it even sweeter.
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