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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by firefighter, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. firefighter

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    I tried out the grass collection system on my 2002 scag cub this week and it did a fantastic job picking up leaves. My problem is that of the three bags that collect the leaves, the left bag and the center bag fill together and the right bag has very little in it. So what do I do about this ?


  2. firefighter

    We been useing that same bagger all three been packing it in tight.

    The bags get pretty heavy from packing the leaves in so tight.

    Did you adjust the custom baffling under the mower deck ?If you didnt, try putting it on the top notch.

    Also check the belt and idler pully on the blower houseing
  3. firefighter

    firefighter LawnSite Member
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    Baffling is on the top notch, also I checked the belt and idler pully. It seems to me that that the baffel above the bags is not right ?

  4. Pal Meadows

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    I need a vacuum system for a 1994 Scag Super Z.
    Anyone know where I can get one?????????????
  5. LawnSmith

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    i have a solution for you, its called the SCAG clamshell bagger. we picked one up for one of our '03 Tigers with the 29hp DFI Kaw. this is a great combo in conjuction with double SCAG eliminator blades.

    dump from the seat or get beat!
  6. Trac vac might be a option .www.trac-vac

    power equipment warehouse has a selection of vacuum systems 1800-769-3741...they sell giant vac peco and bluebird brands....also talk to your local scag dealer see what he can come up with.
    im not sure if the current scag vacuum baggers out will fit your older scag
  7. Sam-Ohio

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    from Ohio
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    Since it's the right side bag or the "entrance" side bag that is not filling , what happens if you just keep going till it also fills up ?

    If the middle and left bag fill up evenly, there is no place else for the grass clippings to go to except the first bag - is there ?
  8. Pal Meadows

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    The lovely Senior Member,
    Thanks for the help,
    but I checked out those guys and came up with dead end. would you be able to clue me in on the current vacuum systems for the Scags. Hoping that I can get one to fit.

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