Scag velocity deck or Hustler XR 7

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by REALSLOW, Jul 20, 2006.


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    I talked to a dealer here in Miami today about a wright stander then the subject changed to mowers. The dealer who sells Scag and Hustler told me the new deck by Scag was the best for mowing tall bahai. He sais what good is being able to mow over it faster with a hustler if it did not knock it down with one pass. He said for tall bahai with stingers the Scag was superior because one pass knocked it down but the new XR 7 was better than the old deck but still sometimes second passes were needed.

    They felt for the extra 700$ the Scag was a better product for the south FL conditions.

    I also talked to a companny today who has Super Z's and the Bad boy's they told me they liked the Bad boys better because they hold a hill better and you sit higher up on the machine so you can see around all corners of the machine better.

    Oh well I thought I had the best Z in the super I guess I will have to go trade that piece of trash in next week to get the latest and greatest!
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    Between those two, you should probably demo both and play around with the baffle settings on both before making a decision.

    You ought to check out a Lesco/Cub Commercial for that application too.
    They do a real good job of cutting the tuff stuff.

    REALSLOW LawnSite Senior Member
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    I amhappy with the Hustler I am joking, the Lesco were a good value when Lesco was selling them for 6000$ at 7000$ I will take my Hustler any day of the week.
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    Ask them how a mower with a higher profile can hold a hill better than a wider stanched lower profile mower can. I cut slopes steep enough that if I was any higher off the ground I would feel like it could turn over at anytime, I've not operated a mower that I thought would mow a slope better than the wide tracked low profiled Hustler Super Z. I find that to be very interesting and I have looked at the Bad Boy mowers, see if you can find out from that company what could make it possible for a higher profile mower to hold a slope better than a low profile mower unless it has extremely wide axles.

    REALSLOW LawnSite Senior Member
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    The guy I talked to could not give a chit,he worked for the company and he said the pup Bad boy was the choice over the supers they had because it did not want to slide sideways as much. The company really liked the Bad boys and ordered 4 of them.
    I agree with you the laws of physics seems like the Hustler would be the best, I think bigger tires would solve it. The BB looked to have better tire beef.
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    Well guys, here is what I have found out. The laws of physics are one thing and the perception of your eyes is something all together totally different.

    What I mean is, sometimes your eyes will play tricks on you.

    A perfect example is my Lesco. For some reason the mower appears to sit all tall and everything. But the actual measurements would surprise you. I figured it would be a real looser on slopes. But as it turns out, it's the best ZTR on slopes that I have owned.

    In fact, I talk to a guy who owns one and a Hustler. He says his Hustler can not hang with it on slopes. I imagine the Cub WideTrack units are even better.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yeah, Lesco stepped up to $6,899. I still think that is a good value for the machine you get, and in my case the service/parts delievery I get from Lesco.

    HOWEVER... in 'some' areas the Cub dealers have similar competitive pricing on the TANKS. With that said, for the same money a guy can get a lot longer warranty period through Cub Commercial.

    So I agree that Lesco has hurt themselves in many areas of the USA.

    But here, the Cub dealers SUCK and their prices are NOT competitive.


    Overall though, I do have to wonder how close the pricing and performance would be from a standard Hustler Z XR-7??? I don't know because all I have ever priced was the Super Z. If it was close enough I would give the Hustler the benefit of a demo next time around.

    All I know is that before any of the changes, a Super Z would have costed me $8,199 plus tax after the $1,500 promotional rebate. Personally, I had no intentions of paying $2,000 more for a mower 2 mph faster with less performance in the turf (at that time). At this point, if the performance is now equal, I really couldn't see myself paying much more for any Hustler.

    But if I could get a 25-27hp 60" XR7 Hustler Z with a good seat for around $7,000 from a really good dealer.... I'd demo one to see how it stacks up performance wise.
  8. Audrey

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    Have you personally tried a new Scag Tiger on those hills?

  9. LLandscaping

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    We have a Turf Tiger with the Velocity and it cut Bahia great on the first pass.

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    I have used Turf Tigers and I like them they hold hills well and ours was pretty good about not tearing the turf to bad, I bought a Hustler because good dealer and I like the way how clean and simple the machine is compared to a turf tiger but like I said a dealer told me the new velocity deck was saving people time in thick grass and the people who bought it felt it was worth the extra money. He said on ST Augustine there was really no decernable difference.

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