Scag Velocity discharge pattern

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I put my camera in my pocket and took several pictures of lawn related issues today. Here are a few high speed pics that show the discharge pattern of the Scag Velocity deck as the mower is moving. Some have asked about the pattern and this is it, low and wide. My Exmarks were high and arching. Hope this is helpful to someone.

    1 005.jpg

    1 006.jpg

    1 007.jpg

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  2. tacoma200

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    Lawn was 2 weeks cut at 3.25". Very old weedy lawn, yes you can see some blade marks. No striper in use just trying to knock down some overgrown grass. I consider the blade marks a flaw but I'm not here to try to sell you one, just show you what it actually does. It's not perfect but perfect for what I'm doing at the moment.

    1 014.jpg
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    That is a nice pattern, you can tell why the Velocity Plus can handle more grass easier than say the UltraCut. The clippings are not staying inside the deck to be pulverized, the Scag is cutting the grass pushing it around and spraying it out the extra wide discharge opening in larger pieces very quickly. I could see that deck doing a very good job at high speeds, I feel assured 12 mph is very easy for that deck.

    A Scag Velocity Plus deck under a Hustler Super Z with a 40 hp efi vertical shaft engine would ring the bell.
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    Puppypaws, I was shocked when I talked to the largest LCO in the area that had been "FIRM" on weekly cuts under contract. Even he has bent to pressure. Now 3 times a month cuts are going to be considered the "Norm" and a deck that is efficient is going to be the one that I use. I'm not sure if it is due to the economy or not but everyone is trying to figure out ways to cut back and save here. The weekly manicured lot is out and the just maintain it lot is in. This means I have to have a deck that can handle large amounts of grass with out slowing me down. I have always liked Exmark but this area is changing. There is just not as much disposable income and buying Scag was one way that I'm adjusting. I feel that my area of the country isn't the only one that is cutting back. I also know we have many members at Lawnsite that live in more affluent area's that still do only weekly cuts but I have to adjust to my area, not theirs.

    And you are absolutely right. The Ultra Cut is a great deck but it has to cut the grass several times and send it through a smaller discharge opening which may leave a smoother cut and smaller clipping but is also less efficient in heavy grass.
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    Great thread. Thank you for the pics Tacoma.

    I have a Turf Tiger with the Velocity Deck and an Exmark Turf Tracer with an Ultra Cut. I completely agree with your comparison between the two decks and their respective discharge patterns.

    Both mowers are great pieces of equipment but each serves a slightly different purpose as is very well explained in the above posts.
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    Thanks again, Tacoma. Suppose to have a demo TT coming in for me tomorrow.
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    God, that's beautiful!!!!!!:clapping:Hey Tacoma, do you think you could do a live video for my wife? She gets very excited over this stuff and I might get lucky, if you know what I mean!:weightlifter::cool2:No, actually, she always tells me that I need to get a life and after your pictures, it makes me look better:laugh::laugh: OK, back to business-excellent thread!!!!:drinkup:
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    I should have taken pics of the field I cut a path through on Sunday. It's about 800yds long. I couldn't see over the top of the grass while cutting but I knew nothing was in the way to do any damage. It folded the 4ft+ tall grass over and chopped it up some of it. When I turned around at the other end, it cut it down clean. I'll try to get pics of it today. I might be riding over to the farm again, if I do, I snap a few pics. We ride 4wheelers back and forth between 2 farms next to each other.
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    Oh yeah, nice pics Tacoma. :D

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