Scag Vride 2 48" Kansas city what's it worth?


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So I bought a new 2021 52" Vride2 and originally planned on keeping the 48 but things have changed. I am able to use the 52 on all of the lawns that I planned on using the 48 on so no need to keep it. I bought it new in the fall of 2017. It was one of the very first models. It has about 1250 hours on it. I have replaced all of the spindles in 2020. I replaced the spindle pulleys this year and a new deck belt. The engine is a 691v and was replaced under warranty at 1100 hours. Just this week I replaced the platform bushings. Hydro oil and filter was replaced at 700 hours, and 1100 hours. Brand new rear tires with zero hours on them. It will come with the scag hurricane mulch kit. It also has 10 or more sets of blades ranging from just a couple sharpenings, to only good for mowing a trailer park. I have no idea what is a fair price for this machine. I was thinking about asking 4000. What do you guys think?

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