Scag Vride 2 Hydro Delay

Clay Guinn

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Mower: Scag VRII 61" 29hp, First year

The delay is an intermediate problem, sometimes it drive normally and other times one side doesn't resposed like it should to control inputs. It get annoying as the crews end up hitting things or randomly driving into beds when the are expecting it the turn, also has taken a small dip into a lake because of it. Mostly happens in forward and when going full speed. That side just keeps going full speed for a sec or two.

Looking for input on what else to try. Both drive motors and pumps have been replaced under warranty, twice on the bad side plus the hoses and fittings. We have tried adjusting the control rod (linkage) and there doesn't seem to be any problem with the controls. The system has been purged multiple times. It doesn't appear to have a leak anywhere. Our dealer has look at it multiple times and still can't figure out the cause of it


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I know nothing of the mower's setup but is this a drive by wire setup? It would seem far fetched for a mower IMO. If not and there is linkage between pump and sticks, I would wonder about air intrusion. Air will compress unlike oil, and act as a potential spring and will most certainly cause a hydro motor or cylinder to keep moving once you tell it to stop. You mention full speed which puts the largest demand on hydro flow.

If this is drive by wire, there may be other things at play.


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Im kinda having the same problem but in the other direction. I have a second hand Kubota that has developed a intermediate surge on the left side. Seems more like it looses power for a second and surges when it regains power. It has around 300 hours on the clock, so wouldn't think it would be the pump or motor going out already. Seems to be more of a problem when at half speed and after the oil warms up.

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