Scag Vride2 VS Ferris V1

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by SouthernBlades, Sep 20, 2018.

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    I have recently demo’d a Scag vride2 and a Ferris v1. I need a 48” stander with a full mulch kit. The Scag had a normal chute and the Ferris had a mulching kit.
    The Scag cut great scalped some uneven spots and IMO I thinks it’s a little big for a stander. But over all it was ok.
    Ferris handles great, cut good and perfect size. But the mulching kit sucks. It leaves a line of mulched grass on the chute side. I’m not cutting over grown yards!!
    My toro zero turn doesn’t do this at all.

    I have heard from a few people that the Ferris mulching kit sucks and the Scag is better.

    I have to have a good mulching stander what will be the best. I would rather end up with the Ferris but no way I can deal with this mulching problem. I told the dealer and he said to try gator blades instead of normal mulching blades but I don’t see this solving the problem because it’s just kicking all the mulch to the chute and leaving a trail.

    I need a mower soon and don’t want to get something I’m not going to be happy with like the Zero then I have now.
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  3. SouthernBlades

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  4. SFL

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    I have a 48 z2 with mulch kit. Proper deck leveling and tire pressure(both affect deck level) will make a great cut. As soon as deck gets off level by either wrong tire pressure or you hit something that caused it to go out of level it will start leaving a bad trail.

    I’ve mulched all season( Spokane Wa: kbg, fescues, ryegrass). It does leave a slight trail even under ideal conditions. The way I deal with this is to either double cut(in a different direction) or cut in a clockwise circle from outside to inside.

    The cut is great besides that.
  5. Turf Tracer

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    Mulch kits on my FW’s are great. Scag kit clumps like a bit#% in wet w/those stupid kickers and the serrated blade
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    Thanks for the reply's kinda sounds like everyone has there own opinions.
    After talking to a few people sounds like the Ferris just doesn't mulch good.
    The majority of people I have heard from are saying the Scag is all around hard to beat.

    Im going to demo a gravely hopefully in the next week if the dealer can ever get his hands on a demo.
    I really like the option to raise and lower the deck on the Gravely, think it would really be convenient.
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  7. PremierLandscapeForsyth

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    Have you considered Wright ?
  8. SouthernBlades

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    No dealers any where close, we have dang near everything else with in 45 mins
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    I run Ferris mulch kits for leaves in the fall and it does wonderfully. Although I will agree my old Scag I had with a mulch kit did better in the first week or two of the spring while we were out doing spring cleanups.
  10. dishboy

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    Serrated blade yes, in wet long conditions , kickers are effective , just not in their configuration or with the other bad design flaws of that kit. The kickers actually dont pack bad if set up right. What you are missing , is they don't work like the toro kickers , different velocity, different pressure. If you evacuate the deck , the grass does not overprocess the clippings.

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