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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Chris K, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Just starting business and looking to purchase 1st mower. Have looked all over at many different brands and narrowed it down to Scag and Bobcat, taking into consideration dealer location, service, etc. Have to decide between the following mowers: 48" Bobcat belt driven W/B - $2699, 54" Bobcat belt driven W/B - $3100, and 52" Scag belt driven W/B - $3000. Any advice as to which is the best deal and which is the best quality mower would be greatly appreciated.

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    Before I Quit Mowing A Few Years Back , My Trailer Only Had Bobcat On It For Qa Fe Reasons.
    1 Bobcats Simply Did Not Break As Much
    2 The Scags I Owned Always Had Some Nickel And Dime Problems That Never Seemed To Get Fixed No Matter How Much You Work On Them.
    3 Parts Availability / Cost Of Parts
    4 Ease Of Working On The Bobcat
    5 In My Area The Scags Carried A Higher Price Tag Than Bobcat
    6 ..........a Personal Reason..............i Hate That Scag Orange Color! I Like The Bobcat Green ...much Easier On The Eyes

    If It Really Comes Down To It ....pick The Stronger Dealer..........sometimes A Bad Dealer Can Make An Awesome Machine Seem Like A Pos.....and Great Dealer Can Make Even A Pos Machine A Champ.

    Odd Part About All Of That Is Bobcat Was Created By Dane Scag.....the Guy Who Later Started Scag Mower And Much More Recently Greate Dane. All Are Good Machines But Have Thier Own Strengths And Weaknesses.

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