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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by KC_Rainman83, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. KC_Rainman83

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    I know most of you are thinking duh! pick the scag but mostly i am wanting to know is bobcat a decent mower? Found a 36" scag walk behind($950) and a 36" bobcat walk behind($600). I mow as a "side job" so im on a budget for a bigger walk behind. The scag is older than the bobcat. Is it worth it(parts,maint,reliability)to just go for the scag or go with the bobcat?
  2. fergscape

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    i moved away from the bobcats 5 years ago, i found the decks cracked to much where the caster arms mounted
  3. TFLE

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    I'm assuming they are equal other than the price? Are the both floating deck or fixed deck? What motors do each of them have? With a belt driven walk behind I don't think there is much difference between machines... use your gut!
  4. skorum03

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    Which dealer, (bobcat or scag) is closer to you. I would say that whichever is closer and easier to get parts for would be the way to go. And how many hours on each machine?

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