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  1. JimsLandscaping

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    Which mower is better scag or deer 0 turns i looked at the scags and the scags turf tigerand is really nice and about the same price as the deer but can't decide on which one the decks are both heavy on both of them but the deer is a one peace deck and the scagis welded in front and most of the lawn mowers u see are scag but anyway could u help me on deciding which one to pick. :confused:
  2. 65hoss

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    I would go look at the exmark. The DC's are worth a look also. Demo all of them and then decide. Go to the expo in louisville and test them all.
  3. awm

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    im with 65 on the exmark. deere ,no doubt makes fine equipment.
    but i still remember paying 3 times what the price should have been for any kinda pt,when i used them.that didnt set well with a lot of people i know.i hear they are changing this a bit,we ll see
  4. JimsLandscaping

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    ok thanks for your reply i'll have to check them out
  5. Mowingman

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    I just traded a JD,M665 ztr back to my dealer for a Toro Z Master. I used the JD last season and this season up to last week. It was the "Mower From *ell". The current JD ztr's have so many design flaws that I would not recommend them to anyone. As others have suggested, try and demo as many different makes as you can before you settle on one to purchase. But, avoid the current JD models.:angry:

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