Scag vs. Exmark

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by deereman08, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Hoy landscaping

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    Kind of off topic here but I wouldn't go with a 52" deck. The tires stick out right to the edge of the deck and it makes it very hard to get the overlapping right. Overlap too much and your ruining your last stripe, not enough... Obviously you leave uncut strips. With the 60 or 61 the deck sticks out farther then the tires by a good bit and makes the stripes look better. Thats just what I have found from running a 52 turf tiger.
  2. Wizz

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    Currently owning an Exmark I would buy a Scag if I could do it over again...WAY to many problems with the Exmark in less than 40 hours of light use.
  3. frotis

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    What kind of problems, what model mower.
  4. blake101

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    Have you made up your mind on which mower? I am trying to figure out which one to buy, also between the same two mowers and engines with same cut. I priced both, the Exmark is 10400 and the Scag is 10200 in my area. From what I hear the Scag cuts great and is built like a tank. I am leaning toward the Scag but the dealer is about 25 miles away and the Exmark dealer is about 3 miles. I am not worried to much about price as long as it is a fair price. So I am going to say scag for now, until someone changes my mind, so lets hear everyone. Which mower?
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    Oh yes the Scag is definately built like a tank ...The kohler engine is just that ..A Kohler engine ...So no difference in motors ...I have never owned an Exmark but i can tell you that my Scags have had virtually zero problems with them ....Replaced 1 starter cylinoid , 1 blade switch , and a couple belts ...My cub has 2400 hrs on it , my wildcat has 1100 and thats all the problems ive had ...
  6. Derek's Lawn Care

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    Cut goes to scag, both make nice stripes, little perks that make your life easier definitely goes to Exmark. Whichever dealer takes better care of you is where you want to go, I learned the hard way by going to a big dealer who had so much to do I was just a number in line, didn't take the neccessary time needed to fix things right, etc. Now go to
    a smaller Exmark dealer and he pays attention to all the details, that saves me time and money in the long run, and that's what you really want
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    Have 48in Scag 60in Exmark.The only thing I can complain about is the Scag hadle bars. Always ran Exmarks untill I started my own business. Yeah theres no big difference both are good mowers.
  8. ClinesLawncare

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    Cant go wrong with neither.Id go back to the Exmark dealer and tell him what you can get the Scag for. See how cheap of mower you can get. Both are great.

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