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    I replaced an fc420v on an older model scag manual start with a new version of the same engine. Almost everything is identical except for the wiring hookups. Where there used to be a plug on one side of the older engine, there now appears to a a screw on the other side of the mower near the throttle which can recieve a wire. Basically, since it's completely different I have no idea how to hook up the wiring.

    Below are pictures of the wire connections, the actual wires I have coming out of the circuit, and the wiring diagram from the manual.

    Any pointers anyone could pass my way would be really great. Thanks!





    _ diagramdesription.jpg
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    Just looked at your pics.,If there is only the one black wire on the entire engine we can be safe in assuming thats the kill wire from the coil. If your old engine had only one wire on it also and the red male spade connector plugged into it,I would take the black wire loose from the throttle control and install a insulated female spade connector to it and plug the red wire in. I said insulated so the connection doesn't bump againest anything and kill the engine on you.The wire with the large eyelet connector just looking at it went on a engine mount bolt to complete the grounding circuit.
    Hope this is helpful.

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