SCAG w/b spindle shaking, is it shot?!?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Orkin Yards, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. Orkin Yards

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    i was working today and a customer drove by and stoped, so i put the brakes on my 48' scag w/b but i left the blades on (not smart) well it rolled, off a curb...wasn't a very appealing sound at all but i got them turned off after about 3 sec of grinding... my double blades on the center spindle were very pushed together and the blade was in pretty bad shape...i came home fixed the blades went back to the yard turned the blades on and it didn't feel right so i got the partner to push down on it and i could notice the center blade seemed to be moving up and down....i'm getting ready to go take the blade out and just make sure everything is still tight, but wanted to post and get some ideas, do you guys think i broke something or what's the deal?? it vibrates a whole lot and you can feel it in the handles...
  2. gorrell

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    Jeffry, I imagine the only thing wrong is that the spindle is loose on the deck. Check the four bolts that hold the spindle assy. to the deck and see if they are loose. Hope that's all it is...........Lynn
  3. GrassChopper

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    Sounds to me like you may have fried a bearing.
  4. Dochere

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    check the spindle bearing, and make sure the spindle is straight. Even the slightest bend will be noticeable when it is running. Make sure the entire spindle assembly is tight.
  5. Orkin Yards

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    i tightened the bolts and that lessened the shaking, how do i check the bearings and the straighness of the spindle
  6. P&J Lawncare

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    Also make sure the bolt isn't bent.
  7. Flex-Deck

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    To check straighness of the spindle shaft put a blade you know is straight on the spindle and rotate the blade to a certain point that you can measure vertical position such as a baffle area where the blade is very close to a part of the deck. Mark the spot the cutting edge is above the bottom of this baffle. Then loosen the blade retaining bolt and turn the blade 90 degrees and retighten. The blade should be identical as far as vertical position at the measuring point.
  8. geogunn

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    orkin--what happened to the safety switch on your mower? before your unit started cross country, it shoudda been dead, ka-put, no vive nada.

    but since you describe the calamity as you did, I'll bet you only bent spindle bolt and probably blades. you know what blades cost. and a spindle bolt should be reasonable. a spindle bolt for my LESCO is only $6.50. I know.

    good luck.

  9. TLS

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    Nevermind the mower! What the heck did the customer say when YOUR runaway mower chewed the crap out of his curb! This is a safety issue here. I have customers who would walk right up and stick their toes under the deck if I didn't stop, throttle down, de-clutch, brake and dismount before they came up to me.

    I'm kinda confused about what exactly the problem is Orkin? If it dropped over a curb, the discharge spindle would most likely get the brunt of the damage being unprotected. But the center spindle is the culprit? SCAG used two types of spindles, and I dont know how old yours is. You could have had enough force pushing up on the spindle bolt that it snapped a bearing keeper retaining ring, allowing the hollow spindle shaft to move up and down.

    MACHINE OFF! SPARK PLUG WIRE REMOVED! Grab blade on each side and wiggle it. There should be NO movement other that the spinning of the blade. No clunking or up and down movement. If there is, you have a problem.

    Good luck, and PLEASE be SAFE!

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