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Scag Wildcat,engine/deck?


LawnSite Senior Member
In my search for a new mower I compared a Wildcat and a Turf Tiger,as much as I would like a Turf Tiger I just don't think I could justify $11,000 right now,so I'm looking closer at the Wildcat but what engine and deck?The engine,water cooled vs. air cooled,from what I've read water cooled last longer but how much longer and how much more money?Kohler or Kawasaki,which one and why?The deck,right now I have a 48" so going to a 52" isn't going to help production to much,I would think the 60" would be the better choice,would it?


LawnSite Member
East TN
I have recently bought a Wildcat 30hp Kolher with the 61 cut. I just mow my land about 4-5 acres. The mchine does a GREAT job. Last night I took it into the hy field to find out how bad this machine is. Well to make a kong story shor it cut the 3' tall hay just like it was cutting a 4" lawn. It didnt even slow down, just ate right through it!


Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina
If you have a 48" now, you certainly want to step up to a 60".

If you are not going to go with a tiger you should probably go with what jbullis has.