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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SKAT LAWN, May 18, 2006.


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    Pros And Cons????
  2. MTR

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    If you want either go Turf Tiger or Wild Cat. I know a guy who run 2 trucks, and each truck has two 52" Wild Cat, totalling of 4 wild cat in his fleet. It tells you something, and I saw the cut very high quality.
  3. Bulldog26

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    I just bought one this week. Price is great and cut looks really good so far.
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    We bought a new Turf Tiger 52/ 27 Kohler a few months ago. The Turf Tiger has larger pumps, shaft drive, and holds hills better than the Wildcat. We also have a Tiger Cub 48/19 that we bought in 2004. The new velocity deck disperses the grass better than the advantage deck and the deck doesn't load up with damp grass.
  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Did you get a 52 or 61'' deck? Im interested in what the owners of 61'' decks has to say about them

  6. HighGrass

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    I bought a new Scag Wildcat last year, in August, mainly because of the deal they had on it for financing. And, my Exmark had some problems I couldn't fix, and the local dealer sucked when it cam to customer service. Also, I needed a bagger, which I didn't have so...

    Having said that, here is my HO regarding my Scag after about 200hrs of work. This opinion has been formed after a wide range of work rangeing from mowing, mulching (using gators) to fall clean-ups using a 16Bu three bag system.
    My Scag Wildcat has a 52" deck, with the 25HP Kaw motor.
    -Mower is built extremely well. Heavy duty and pretty well thought out.
    -Grease fittings on spindles, my Exmark doesn't.
    -Seat is really comfortable
    -Controls are very smooth (but heavy. See Cons)
    -Throttle, Choke and ignition are easy to get to.
    -I have found the cut to be as good as any I've seen. I think the key here, as with any mower is to keep the aero integrity of the deck where it should be at all times. The only way to insure this is to keep it clean.
    -The Wildcat comes with an adjustable lip at the front of the deck that you can adjust for leaves vs grass. Exmark did not.
    -All grease fittings are pretty easy to get to.
    -Most of the safety switchs are easy to get to, unlike the Exmark.
    -Handling is good (see cons)
    -Really does a good job bagging. I use high lift gators and really does a nice job.
    -Changing belts will be easier as every pulley has a place for a breaker bar or ratchet.
    -The three bag systme is very nice and easy to attach. Bagger is easy to empty and is great for those lawns that you can dump somehwere on site. The blower does take away some power but it's not like you're going a hundred miles an hour anyway.

    -ROPS bar is a pain in the neck. I hear they have a folding one now, that should make mowing under some areas easier. Mine is the solid design and I really am tempted to remove it. I'm going to weigh in again at the end of the season before I do.
    -Controls are heavy. This could be because the dampners are pretty heavy duty but I like to run as fast as possible when I mow. My Exmark allows a better feel for the lawn when making turns. It's a heavier feel.
    -Even though Scag have this nice little console to your right for the ignition etc, they put the hour meter and the fuel selector valve behind the seat. What's that all about? Everything should be where i't easy to see and use.
    -Even though the mower came with a 25HP kaw, it doesn't feel quite as strong as my 23HP Exmark (also Kaw). I don't know whether this is a govenor problem or not, so take this observation with a grain of salt.
    -I like to change my blades using my trailer ramp. Because the blades on the Wildcat are attached from the bottom-up, you can't always remove an outside bolt as it it's too long to clear the ramp. So, I have to take two off then move the mower to the other side of the ramp. I'll probably change my technique for changing the blades on this machine to over come this. The underside of the deck does have quite a few nooks a crannies (english muffin syndrome:rolleyes: )) So cleaning it is somtimes a pain.
    -New Wildcats have an adjustable control arm, mine does not and really needs one.

    Overall, I like the Wildcat. I use it mostly for bagging and some mowing but I use my Exmark for the bulk of my mowing right now. The only reason I am is because of the feel of the machine. Next week I'm getting to gether with my Scag dealer to see if we can rectify this as I love the cut of the Scag and it is a more comfortable ride. If I had to do it all over again, I woul still buy the Scag. Hope this helps.
  7. ed2hess

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    And the most important thing about Scag is their techinical support is tops, at least in the Southwest. Changing blades off the ramp is not that bad you do two off one side of the ramp and then move over to the other ramp and do the last one. I don't need to be looking at the pwr on meter when I am running along. I don't find the hydro controls to be hard, compared to Walker or any other Scag. These machines are also engineered so that you can work on them, putting in a hydro belt isn't bad.
  8. green acres lawns

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    I have started stacking my ramps one on top of the other to get high enough to change all three blades with out moveing over to the other caster wheel. You just have to be careful and don't put your head under it, as it could fall. Also the resistance in the steering levers is all in the dampers. Disconnect the dampers and it feels like a dixie or hustler. (Too sensitive for me). I also put exmark dampers on mine once to see how it felt, and it felt like my exmark. So I ended up with the Scag dampers back on it. Its easier to hold a straight line and on large props you set them where you want them and relax. (like cruise control). Now that they have some hours on them I don't even notice it except when I get off the scags and jump on the exmark and it feels squirrely till I get used to it. I like my Scags.

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