Scag with 1648 hours

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by blue_steel2, Jul 22, 2003.

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    I found a Scag for sale. 18 HP Kohler, 60 inch cut, 1640 hours on it. Transmission just replaced for $790 by dealer. Seller wants $750. I need a large mower to cut 1.3 acres and I want to cut it quickly. Is 1640 hours something to worry about (used too much)? What specifically should I look for when I check it out?
    Thank you.
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    I would think any mower of that size would be worth $750.00 , But here are a few things to look at when inspecting the machine.
    I would just look at the engine and see if I noticed anything out of the ordinary ( cut wires, duct tape etc.) Start the engine and you'll see how easy it starts. ( worn out engines require many pulls to start) Listen to the way it sounds, if there is no knocking or anything obvious then I would think the engine is at least ok. I have noticed Kohlers generally last 2000 hours but it is not uncommon to see them with 3000 hrs. The next biggest thing to look at would be the deck. I would inspect the deck carefully looking for cracks or previous welds. ( This could be a sign of problems) If the deck is intact grab one end of each blade & try to "rock" the blade up & down. ( move blade toward bottom of deck & then towards ground) This will let you know if your going to be needing spindle bearings. If all blade have little or no play at all then your cutter housings are probably good. I'm sure there are tons of other ways to look at equipment but I think if it passes these key points you will be able to make some money before you have to spend some on repairs. Hope some of this helps Good Luck!

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