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  1. SweetGreens

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    I have never really looked at Scags until today. I demoed a Wright Zk and Stander, and a turf tiger, and Tiger cub today. Im trying to stay in $9000 or under price range. Im trying to keep my overhead as low as possible. So my question is what is the best buy for me? I do mainly residentials right now. so im wanting around a 52"- 60" deck. So what are everyones thoughts on a mower for me. I liked the way the Tiger cub and other Scags handled. Are there any other suggestions for ZTR's? I have also been looking into Exmark, but they are pricey!! So im jus trying to keep an open mind on my first ZTR. Anything at all would help.


  2. SomervilleLawncare

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    I absolutely love my tiger cub. It gives a great cut and is built like a tank. You wont hear many complaints about them on here. Wright seems to build a great machine also, I just don't know much about them. You should be able to get a tiger cub for quite a bit less than $9000
  3. JShe8918

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    I LOVE my turf tiger.. Sometimes i wish i had a 52 on the smaller yards or uneven areas but the 61 on flat yards is extremely quick. I can't speak for the wright since i have no experience with them. The only problem i tend to have is my left blade keeps loosening itself. I can tighten the heck out of it but it always works its self loose. Good luck. I have heard good things about the wrights as well so either way you are gonna love it i think. Peace.

  4. ed2hess

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    We have several Scags including two Tiger Cubs. But id money is a problem I would look at the new Snapper Pro , they are priced lower. And it doesn't sound like you are going to rack up big hours so it should do fine. I do like the cut on our new Tiger Cub 61" which we go last year.
  5. weasel

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    We are a rather large LCO and I run Scag TT ZTR and and WB, but I also buy different brands just to check out the differences so I have had a few. The Snapper Pro is awesome. The Exmark's are fine the WB are better than the ZTR vs Scag, Toro is one of the best out there right now,very impressive and pretty afordable too. The Standers aren't very practical for us, but if they workout for your accts they are neat. The most important thing for me is dealer support I like to have one that is knowledgeable and can get me in and out quickly and has a complete stock of parts.
  6. From Dust 'til Lawn

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    I second the Tiger Cub...Good price, good dependability and service....
  7. Mike Blevins

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    I would go Scag wildcat 52" 26 liquid cooled kawasaki. A few more options than the tiger cub and lower than the $9000. Absolutely a bulletproof combination. These mowers are a great all around mower. Excellent for small or large propeties, great cut,awsome warranty. Come join the family and I will fix you a nice glass of KOOL-AID!
  8. GracesLandscaping

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    I cannot comment much about the scags because i have not ran but one of them for a short period of time but i have heard they are great mowers but they are very heavy and ride kinda rough. I love exmarks though and have ran plenty of them and am getting ready to purchase one. if you want under the 9k call around to some exmark dealers the one im buying is going to be 8000+tax. Its a leftover 08 model 28 kawi 60" Ultra Cut deck!

    If both brands have local dealers go with the best dealer! thats the main reason i give scag no thought because i do not like the local scag/toro dealer, and my exmark/gravely/cub/ferris dealer is great!
  9. JShe8918

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    I second this... If i were to go with a 52 that is the exact machine i would look at. What ever you get be sure to get liquid cooled... They tend to last longer than air cooled engines.

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