Scag's Advantages Over Super Z's

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. puppypaws

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    I talked with a lady after church last night at Wendy's where people gather to talk and eat after Sunday night service. I new she had her own full service lawn maintenance business (she is sharp as a tack) which seems like forever.

    She runs Scag's, Hustler Super Z's and Exmark walk behinds and told me she had a Scag TT that the engine finally died this year. She said the mower was twelve years old and the hour meter was correct with the number being in the thousands. She said she wanted to talk with me about some other things and would call me with the exact numbers on the TT.

    This is the exact statement she made; "I like my Hustlers but I love my Scags", I said OK tell me why? She said, " the Scag will hold the steep areas better than a Hustler, the Hustler gives me a satisfactory cut at 3.5" where I cut most of the time but the Scag will give a better cut in all around conditions. The Hustler blades have to be sharpened about every two days to give a cut that satisfies myself and the high end properties I maintain in Charlotte, the Scag will go longer between sharpening which adds up to time savings".

    The only drawback with the Scag is their bagging system which is terrible and there are several properties I have to bag. The Hustler bagging system is wonderful, we just back up to a trailer and never leave the driver seat, raise up, dump and we are on our way, I love it.

    The Scag will stripe better than the Hustler but it is also heavier. I can utilize the speed of the Hustler's a certain amount of time and really like it.

    I talked with her about the Hustler handles breaking away from the steering levers themselves and she said her company had put thousands of hours on Hustler's and never even thought about a steering lever handle breaking. She ask me if I thought the person saying this was telling me the truth and I said "he was telling the truth, no one could make that up".

    The scenario of this whole post comes down to a lady who has been in the business virtually as long as anybody that contributes information to this forum, saying if she could only own one brand of mower it would be a Scag hands down.

    She knows how much I personally mow a week and I said to her, I cut lower than commercial people can at 2.75" and put on newly sharpened blades around 40 hrs. I told her I was able to use the extra speed a great deal of the time and I loved it because it was so much more productive than other mowers would be in my situation.
  2. TAZ

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    That would be inline with what goes on in my area. I see more Scags on trailers than any other Z with Exmarks just slightly below. I see more JD Z's than Hustlers. The one commercial guy I do see running a Hustler cuts the fire station property on the end of my road and you can consistently see the strip of uncut grass between the trim side and center blade. It is irrigated and thick. It looks like ass when he's done. The other hustler that is in my area is a homeowner (4 acre lot). He cuts in typical homeowner fashion down around 3" or below and you don't see the strip.

    I loved the cut I got out of my ultra-cut but this velocity gets the grass out way better when the turf gets lush and thick. The Extra speed to me is a mute point on turf up here that gets rough from early spring mowing and the freezing and thawing. I didn't cut any faster on my XS than I do on my Scag.

  3. Mike Blevins

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    I second the Scag hands down saying!! I love mine!
  4. rodfather

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    To each his own...Hustler is virtually non-existant where I am and Scag somewhere in the Top 5.
  5. delphied

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    Exmark is number 1 here with Scag prolly number 2 and JD 3. Seldom see Hustler and there is a dealer here too. I can tell if an Exmark made the cut as well as the scag. The Exmark has a better cut and stripe for our grass in this area. The Scag is known as a tuff machine with an acceptable cut. Striping is soso with Scag. Its prolly a toss up between JD and Toro now that I think about it. Hustler isnt even in the mix really.
  6. tacoma200

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    Well all this is pretty much in line with what I have seen. Nice to have owned them all to get a feel for how they handle different situations. Exmark still has the best cut for me but the Scag will handle the heavy growth better. I'm using the Scag more than the Exmark right now.
  7. puppypaws

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    What is the price of a new Scag TT around the country?
  8. tacoma200

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    $10,300 will get you the 29 hp efi Kawasaki or the 35 air cooled Briggs the last time I checked (asking price was higher). The will run 12 mph and have the suspension seat standard. Of course the smaller engines such as a 27 kohler would run in the 8's I would say.

    Of course this seems high compared to what you paid for your Hustlers I'm sure.
  9. puppypaws

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    No, they are in line now; my dealer was $9799.00 on the 66"/28efi until the September 1 Hustler price increase and I haven't asked him since then.
  10. smcunningham

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    My soon to be new dealer is getting me a 35 brigs TT 2007 out the door for 9300.00$:cool2: :cool2: :cool2:

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