Scag's new walk behind SWZT review!! With pics!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by GMLC, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. ed2hess

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    My unit has a label on back that shows where to mount the sulky.
  2. Chilehead

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    Re-read the specs. The 3100 is rated at 1200 pounds. There are also beefier upgrades listed per the hydrogear website.
  3. SGPMI

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    Thats where im so confused about the sticker on the machine. Im hearing it will void the warranty if you add the sulky and im also hearing that it wont void the warranty? so can anyone tell me what the truth is?
  4. djagusch

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    I meant to type 1200 lbs.

    Anyways I have izt's on my 08 trimstar. 1100 hrs on it, all cemetery mowing. It was below the 2800 series at one time. Pretty sure the 2800 will hold up.
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  5. TPendagast

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    maybe they changed something?

    I had this conversation last summer.

    It was kinda ridiculous to hear about the "no sulky" thing from the dealer in the first place (N00B!)
  6. cutshortlandscaping

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    i tested this mower for a few days it is awesome. i tested the 52 version it has anti scalp wheels i ran it in wet tall thick grass and dry and thin grass. works fantastically. here is a video of me mowing with it in superset thick grass. (the video was filmed with my mac book and for some resin it reverses right and left some left is right and right is left)
  7. SGPMI

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    Thats why you dont apple products
  8. G-Home

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    I enjoy mine...SWZT that is, not the Apple.

  9. HighlandLC

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    Matt, thanks for the Video that answers my BIG QUESTION. I'm also in Ct, and with our grass types and weather, was extremely concerned about wet performance and a other than Velocity Deck. In central CT, we are in a official drought, and haven't demoed a machine since my weekly lawns are now 2+ weeks, and I have lawns that are completely dead.

    I had a extensive talk with the SCAG rep 2 weeks ago at a show. Im really interested in a SWZT. So 2 questions.

    1. Were the anti scalp rollers a dealer add on, or factory upgrade.

    2. Tough to tell from video quality, but I think there was minimal clumping. I could see a " Cloud" of either water mist and grass, dispersing relatively wide. And it looked to be RAINING also. Am I correct ???
  10. cutshortlandscaping

    cutshortlandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
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    the anti scalpe rollers i belive were a factory upgrade for the 52

    there was a little clumping in the wet grass so i went over it a second time

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