Scag's new walk behind SWZT review!! With pics!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by GMLC, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Ridin' Green

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    Yea, but how's anyone supposed to get seriously interested if they can't try before they buy. No one (including the mower dealers themselves) would buy a car or truck without driving one first, and since mowers cost as much as a small car these days, it only makes good sense to try before you buy IMO.
  2. LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm surprised to see no anti-scalp rollers on this machine, I guess the deck isn't a true floating deck then. I do like the quick height adjustment though, maybe someone could chime in. I know the grandstand and similar stand-ons don't have then and have a similar height adjustment setup. But with 48" I would think anti-scalp rollers would come in handy, but if the deck can't lift up then the rollers would just gouge the turf because the weight of the entire machine is pressing down and not just the deck. Overall I think its a nice looking mower, the controls kinda seem like an ECS setup turned sideways. Look forward to seeing more. Not many scags in my area.
  3. larryinalabama

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    My BOP has antiscalp rollers, I do a lot of homes on severe slopes and the rollars would be a must for me
  4. Evolution IX

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    Cut looks good. Still wish it had Velocity Plus deck.
  5. GMLC

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    I will be mowing a few more properties with it today. I did get some scalping without the anti scalp wheels...But will give you guys my full opinion after I bring her back saturday.
  6. Evolution IX

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  7. ed2hess

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    Did you get to demo those BOP units? No! It is a Scag it will cut, drive it in parking lot.
  8. TX Easymoney

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    Maybe need to start a demo program guys are welcome to come out and ride with us for a day and 'test' the give you a good idea of how much grass you can cut, I'll toss you the keys to a truck and trailer full of equipment with a list to work from...prob. by the end of the month, you'll know what mower to buy. payup
  9. Ridin' Green

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    Being a Scag means nothing to me. I won't buy it if I cant try it first. This isn't the V+ deck, so its cut is an unknown as of now. I've never owned a BOP and have no plans to.
  10. ProStreetCamaro

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    Only dealer here that will give a demo is the deere dealer. Everybody else looks at you like you are crazy.

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