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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by TMGL&L, May 7, 2009.

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    I have a customer with scale thriving on the leaves. Is it too late to treat? What is the best way to rid the bushes of this problem?

    I have heard of people using tobacco (nicotene) to kill bugs on their property somehow as a synthetic (ground up cigs on the ground watered in). Sounds like bs to me. I've heard that oils aren't very effective on these guys because they are too tough. Do I need something toxic and/or a systemic?

    They are all in poor soil, planted next to each other (quick to spread bugs from one to another), and drought stressed heavily in the summer.

    I gotta save these bushes.
  2. phasthound

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    Apply horticultural oil during the crawler stage of the insect. And yes, this requires a pesticide license.
  3. BlackDog3

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    Well the best control is if the crawlers have hatched already, which they wont for a little bit yet. Penn State has a good write up on it. Here is the link

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    What is horticulture spray oil? I have never used it before, is it a mix of oils or one certain one???
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  6. treegal1

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    funny thing about some types of scale, improper pruning has a lot to do with it...

    after that its all about suffocating them with some sort of, canola, paraffin,.........
  7. TMGL&L

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    I found out that they were aphids, not scale. I thought they were scale because the bushes had them a few years ago but after like one week of waiting (not attacking the problem) they spread all over like wildfire. I hit them a jet of water to remove them, then with sesame and fish oil on the leaves, branches, trunks, and surrounding soil . they're all dead in their tracks... Or at least for now. I'm gonna hit them again in a week.

    I don't think pruning was an issue here because they have been growing out for years. The owner wants them to grow together. Maybe pruning would help a little....? For now I laid out those irrigation drip hoses under the mulch to help them make it through the summer heat stress in that crappy mulch/soil...and to possibly combat the water loss, nutrient loss, curling, and other damage that was incurred by the bugs. I threw in a little fert too and mixxed it into the mulch.
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    I like M-Pede soap. Always had good luck with it. Find it dissolves the armor of yiour armored scales fairly well. Hit them at the crawler stage for best results. I use electrical tape, sticky side out to grab them.

    Oh, and nicotene is one of the earliest pesticides around. Been used for a looong time. Great at killing bugs. So glad I smoked for all those years!!!
  9. TMGL&L

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    Cool thanks,

    In regards to nicotene, I'm sure it works, but i don't know much about it. I sort of see it as one of those things where a lot of people mistaken "organic" for always good. "Like tobacco is a plant its good to use." It seems like a too much of a killer to me.... Like if I was actually thinking to use nicotene I would probably use a systemic chem from ortho or something.

    Then again, I don't know much about it.

    How would you apply it?
    What plants and bugs is it especially effective on?
    Kills fungus problems?
    can it harm your plants?
    What does it cost?
    Is there ever a place for it where it would be more sustainable or effective than an oil, soap, or another hazardous chemical?
  10. Kiril

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    I just scrape the residue out of my lungs and apply as a contact poison. :laugh:

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