Scale on Magnoila's

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Rob Spread & Spray, Aug 24, 2002.

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    With the weather conditions this year I have not had good luck controlling this scale. What do you guys do for the control. Does anyone know the true lifecycle? How does the scale first get to a tree?
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    i'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing, in this area we have pine needle scale. apears as little white dots on the needles. I am told that each one of these can have as many as 1000 insects inside. The proper time to treat these is in the early spring with a product called dormit oil. There is a short window of time to do this. If my memory serves me right tempetures must be between 40 and52 degrees. Not sure if this helps your situation but thats what I know about scale.
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    If you can get Organicide from a supplier in your area give it a shot. We have used it on false oleander scale on sagos and it worked well. This is the same scale that attacks our magnolia's down here. They just don't build the populations on magnolia's that demand treatment. Organicide is made from fish & sesame oil and the safety factor is alot better when it comes to applying when it is hot out. Also customers like that it is organic. It does not smell very good. Also the Merit as mentioned above works well. But I would suggest using the WP and applying it to runoff for a quicker kill.
    By the way, what type of scale is it. This can narrow a search down for figuring out the lifecycle.

    Follow this link and look under scale and see if it is listed. This is a very good site for insect info.

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    magnolia scale usually can be controlled with orthene or Sevin spray now through the month of September. However the overwintering scale should also get a dormant oil spray when you before new growth emerges in early spring. The crawler stage of this insect unlike others will be active in late summer, thus the use of Sevin or Orthene now.
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    I go along with using the oil spray,but its only a Magnolia do you think using Orthene is worth the risk to your self?I'm no tree hugger, but I wouldn't expose myself to Orthene for the sake of an ornamental tree.
    ORGANOPHOSPHATES, which include chlorpyrifos (dursban), diazinon (spectracide), and acephate (orthene), can cause ...
    numbness in extremities,
    damage to memory,
    mood control,
    chest tightness,
    loss of coordination,
    uncontrolled urination,
    death due to respirator failure,
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    almost sounds like alcohal:D

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