Scaling down, which entry commercial ztr?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by JCRA, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. JCRA

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    My other business took off this year to the point I had to hire someone to do 90% of my yards. Long story, but I will not be doing that next year. So, I plan on keeping a certain number of my best/most profitable customers and mowing roughly 20 of my own properties.

    I am wanting to switch to a 52-54 so it will ride in a 6ft wide enclosed trailer. My options, due to budget and dealer support would be.
    1. Hustler Fastrak, 54" fr691 22hp non commercial Kawasaki
    2. Scag Patriot, 52" fx691 22hp commercial Kawasaki
    3. JD z915e, 54" 25hp Kohler

    The JD is a little more than I wanted to spend but an option to lease is appealing.
    The hustler is the cheapest and the dealer is closest but I just don't know how well that engine is going to perform.
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  2. weeze

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    get the deere. what is your other business?
  3. River

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  4. marcusmac99

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    All three are very good mowers. I would go with the Scag. The Kawasaki is pretty much bullet proof. The Scag is built to last, like the JD, but why spend the additional $ if you don't need to.
  5. JCRA

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    Rental and Property Management. Started flipping houses this year which is what is eating up my extra time.
  6. Hawkshot99

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    The engine months scag may be strong, but that'd were it ends. Only mower on that list I'd consider is the JD.
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  7. Keith Gandy

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    I was considering a Patriot. Can u explain whats wrong with the Patriot please? Thanks
  8. larryinalabama

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    After doing some research I found the Snapper Pro can be had for less than 6000$. They also have semi commerical unit for around 1000$ less.
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  9. Hawkshot99

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    Scag had a great reputation of making heavy duty great cutting mowers. The problem is that lately they have been releasing more homeowner grade equipment that is still called scag. It does not have the Velocity deck on it, just a basic deck. Lower end hydros and engines.
    Basically a cheaper homeowner unit (which is fine if that's all you need) that is not made to the commercial standards.
    If you are cutting commercially, you WILL WANT a commercial mower.
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  10. Keith Gandy

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    I understand it isnt the velocity plus deck but arent the Kawasaki FX engines the same as they put on the higherend Scags also?

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