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    I will try to make this as clear and concise as possible:

    I have 40 or so accounts - 15 great ones that I make all my money from 15 that are solid but very little chance for growth.15 that I know I should just drop

    I currently offer

    fertilizing, mulching, stump grinding, plantings, hedge trimming, lawn renovations, lawn maintenance, snow plowing, reseeding/aerating

    I only fertilize 10 of my 40 accounts

    My questions is where should I focus my efforts to scale.

    My first thought is that I should continue to add better accounts and drop the ones that I have no chance of eventually raising the price or side work.
    Continue to get each account up and running on a fertilizing program and then service the heck out of the accounts to get additional side work.

    I am also trying to figure out if there are other higher margin services that I could be offering. I am tired of chasing a lawn mover when I can make more in one week building a stone wall for a high end client. I am concerned that If I drop the lawn maintenance I won't have a shot at the larger side projects.

    your thoughts are greatly appreciated

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