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    browsing lawn srvc web sites.. one I found offered "scalping" as the first mow you should do for the season...This was cutting short and bagging the 1st mow, saying its better to get all the dead layered grass.... is this right???? is this the best thing to do on an initial mow for the spring is to bag??? Their average cost for a weekly mow was around $25/ but for a initial "scalping" mow was $90 to $125...
    afraid that if its on my flyer, will quickly glance and dismiss it, thinking Im goin to charge them 100 bucks to mow their lawn the 1st time.

    is this really useful??
    anyone else offering this come spring??
    for those who do.. are you getting alot of customers to do the "scalping"
  2. out4now

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    I wouldn't do it. Spring transition is already a stress and with the spring die back of roots already occurring naturally it would just promote weed infestations and weaken the plant making it more susceptible to damage.
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    depends what type of grass and what the weather is like there

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