scam or is it worth looking into

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ojays lawn care, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. ojays lawn care

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    I have been doing lawn care for a couple years as a side business, recently my work has changed so i have decided to expand. I put an ad on craigslist( get alot of crap people) and i recieved a phone call from a Cali company. they left me a message saying they were looking to subcontract work in my area on repossessed homes. Is it work calling them back? sounds great for a guy who does most of his work on fridays, and saturdays. anyone else dealt with this.
  2. Collins6754

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    wont hurt to look into it if your looking for more work.....just meet with the guy get it in writing and go with your gut.....worse case scenario you have to say be darn made to find out someone else go it.
  3. caddy029

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    Whats the name of the company?
  4. DavidsonLandscaping

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    would this be c 2 c lawn care, i just got the same thing, he asked for prices, i said i couldnt give him hard number until i seen the property. but did say id work with him depending on the number of propertys and locations. this guy was out of texas. he never emailed back.
  5. ojays lawn care

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    I believe it was coast 2 coast. they left me a voice mail which i accidentally erased. area code was 714 which i believe is california. I'm going to call later today, ill let you guys know. thanks
  6. bohiaa

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    any time you start a business you will recive a ton of sales calls.

    one day I took over 37 sales calls.

    there are many types of business. in fact, one way I jumped ahead of my comp. was I subbed out a lot of work.

    after you do all your math, AND I MEAN ALL OF IT. run your numbers.
    you will find your around 20%

    ok now ask you self a Question ?

    would I Be willing to only take 20% of this JOB ?

    If so, then do the same thing that there doing, give your jobs to another company and you take the 20%.

    If your a hustler, " rather a GO getter " then dont mess with payine someone to get you jobs. you go get them.

    REmemebr: These companys dont care if you work or not, they only care if you PAY THEM.....

    I personaly dont use anyone to get me jobs. never have and never will.

    And most of the time I inform these types of calls to put me on there do not call list.

    Best of luck
  7. b's lawncare

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    it's a scam the adress for the comnpany is a school in ca the 887 number is to us coast guard they just want your ssn # i looked in to it.
  8. DavidsonLandscaping

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    I just got another call today, from the same company. Got them to email me a contract and a price list. Price list is a joke, $20 to cut a lawn, $8 each additional cut, $10 to change a lock, $15 for snow plowing etc. if your sure its a scam, did you contact your DAs office? Someone smart enough can clean out a company over night.
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  9. whiffyspark

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    They contacted me through service magic
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  10. DavidsonLandscaping

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    Craigslist for me, what's service magic? Never heard of it.
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