scam or is it worth looking into

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  1. nparish

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    You will basically doing the work for very little or next to nothing. I've heard they pay **** and most of the properties are a good distance apart.
  2. Dlittle20747

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    I did work for c2c over the summer there legitimate and yes the pay is low but when you have no money coming in its better than nothing. $20 on initial yard maintenance and $15 for recuts they have other jobs available also janitorial, padlock, debris, $8 trip charges. They pay on the 1st and 15th the pictures are a pain in the a** at first because they require about 20 pictures which adds up when your doing multiple properties. i was skeptical at first so i only did 10 properties and waited for my check. they were all recuts and some of the yards were big but the properties were close together(same city) so i didnt do alot of driving. I did recieve a check for $150 (10 properties X $15) so there a real company. If you dont mind working for little to nothing they dont mind paying you little to nothing. biggest check i got was $848. I did a couple bid jobs. Bid jobs are jobs u bid on like if the grass is high ex. 4ft you can bid ex.$100. They will pay you $8 trip charge and if they approve the bid the will send you back out there to perform the work. I hope this clears up alot of questions not a terrible job when you have nothing but i would love to find a company that pays more per property. If anyone currently works for a company doing the same thing making more or has any suggestions please reply
  3. 32vld

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    Would work for a LCO at $15 hr?

    If not enough then why let them pay you that cheap?

    If yes then why work for not enough money to pay for the wear and tear on your truck, trailer, mowers, equipment, license, insurance, maintenance, repairs, replacement, growth, and all the other costs of running a business?

    If yes after you figured in all of your costs how much money was left over for you?

    If you are willing to work this cheap and low ball, why don't you low ball on all your other accounts?

    You will never find management company's that pay what a job is worth because they promise to do the work for less then what their client was paying a LCO direct.

    Example $50 job now gets done by the management co for $40. Then they find a fool, to low ball the job for $15. They keep $25 for finding a low baller.

    When will people learn that low balling hurts them and everyone else in this industry. Except they keep the management parasite company's alive.
  4. Darryl G

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    I just ignore all the calls for government contract work and other sub work, although I have taken their calls and seen what they have to offer in the past. Most of the work wasn't what I would call local (they seem to think an hour away is local), the prices were low and the contracts seemed to be written 99% in their favor. Still, it's something worth looking into if you're looking to expand/need the work I guess. Just keep your eyes and ears open and make sure the money actually does keep coming in...don't cut any slack on that part of it.
  5. jrs.landscaping

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    $15 is awesome money!!!! Wait do I have to use my own equipment, fuel, insurance etc.? If that's the case I think I'd make more working at the fast food drive-thru.
  6. 32vld

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    He has to use his own equipment for $15.

    $15 hr x 40 = $600 wk $31,200 yr gross, then after deductions maybe $23,400 net.

    Dosen't sound that good to me. Can't qualify for a mortgage where I live on that income.
  7. jrs.landscaping

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    You are also assuming a 52 wk season. Using my average growing season I come up with a gross of $14,400.

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