SCAM out there - be careful. 3C Devs

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    So I am pretty embarrassed to have fallen for it to begin with but DO NOT pay any money to Robin or Brent at 3C Devs. They claim to be a lead generator of sorts. They have many clients, local and national and they line you up with RFP's for grounds maintenance. Only catch is you have to pay them $250 up front. Of course you never hear from them again. I paid $250 in October and have sent multiple emails to check our status. I got one reply in November and nothing since. I have sent the company to my collection agent but do not hope for much. I had checked on there BBB rating at the point of purchase. At the time is was "A". I just filed a complaint with the BBB in Ohio and I now see 3 others have done the same and the rating is a "F". Wow I feel like an idiot. At least wanted to let others know so you don't fall into the same type of trap. Never pay upfront...lesson learned. Here is there website:

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