Scammers scammed one of my customers

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Natural Impressions, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Natural Impressions

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    OK, here's the story....

    I have a customer that I have been servicing for about 8 years now. An older couple, husband is now in an assisted home do to a stroke. I dealt with the husband mostly because he was the one that watered and fertilized his lawn.

    2 weeks ago the woman calls and tells me not to mower because she is having it treated for grubs. I said ok but was kind of curious about the treatment. She hasn't watered her lawn all year and with this drought it is very sparse. No sight of grub damage. I cut her lawn last week. Yesterday she calls and tells me the same service is tilling and seeding her entire lawn. I shouldn't cut her lawn for some time. I told her it's not a problem, be sure to water it, and asked her why didn't she call me. She said she is using the same service she used 4 or 5 years ago.:confused:

    I serviced her lawn 5 years ago. Had the soil tested and treated with lime because the ph was so out of whack. Husband was fertilzing every 3 weeks or when he thought is wasn't the green enough. Test came back saying is was great soil to grow potatoes, lol. I thatched it, aerated and seeded it. I bought her husband the timers to install on his spickets so he wouldn't forget to water it. And here's the kicker.

    She said "Oh, this service came to my house and noticed my lawn. Told me they gave her the service 4 or 5 years back. I didn't know you did that." I told her I was the one who fixed her lawn years back and I do have pictures to prove it.

    Crazy thing is, if she asked my how to help fix her lawn I would have said to WATER IT. It would have came back in a few weeks. Tilling, and grub control was a waste of money.

    I can't wait to find out what company did this. Taking advantage of an older woman is wrong.
  2. Runner

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    Sounds like a typical door to door sales cal by some "big green" company, to me. What's more so, is that it was PROBably sold by some guy who wouldn't know grub damage if he SEEN it.
  3. Natural Impressions

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    I know. I figuired the sales man knew as much about grubs as the customer did.
  4. georgiagrass

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    Find out who it is and report them to the Better Business Bureau.
  5. Smallaxe

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    Its a scam equal to a 6 step program, for a 4 mo season. :)

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