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Scamper query


LawnSite Senior Member
G'day guys,
I'm selling my 42'' ZTR and would really like a WB to replace it. GD Australia don't offer the scampers so I was wanting to know if it is at all posible for a Scamper to be put on a shipment to come down here and if It can be done economically?

I'm looking at a 36'' 17HP.

If it can be done at all could you give me a quote?

Thanks. Greatly appreciated!!


LawnSite Member

Unless they would order you one to come in on one of their regular shipments it would be cost prohibitive. Let me know how you come out on this.



LawnSite Senior Member
Thanks for your replie. I've just talked to one of the guys here and they are looking into this for me. Apparently they've looked into bringing in the whole walkbehind line in the past. This was when our dollar was around 50cents so at the time they were going to retail for alot. As Phill said one of the isssues that could arise from bringing in a "orphane" would be parts wich is something I had not considered. They are very keen to help me though and he is going to try to work somthing out. They are going to look into bringing in the WB lines now our dollar is up.
I hope it can be done.