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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fitzg2md, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Many years ago when I was playing foorball in highschool I remember a video that we had to watch before every season started. We all gathered into a room and watched a video of horor stories about when people hit with the top of their heads...bam, broken neck. This was real footage of actual players. It was very disturbing, and we were all pretty much useless that day at scared the tough out of us!

    Well, I want to put togther some form of quick training for new employees about the dangers of the job. I hear all these horor stories about ztr flippovers and people cutting themselves or worse. I want to start this thread so people can post pictures or actual links to real articles, video footage etc.

    Let me know if it would be ok to pass this story on to my employees/copy the text or pictures. I want them to really understand that their is real danger and scare them enough so that when one gets on a ztr and is in a situation where hes close to a ditch he may not get lazy and try to get as close as he can. Maybe, just maybe he will remember the real stories and make the right decision. I want pictures and links to articles...more than just my own word to give to them! Anyone care to contribute?
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    look at the thread injury photos
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    That is actually what made me think about this. i was hoping we could get a nice compilation of true stories with links, pictures, etc. I see them all the time on here...anyone care to gather them all in one place?

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