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  1. ScCo

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    just a hypothetical:

    if you had access to 30 accounts that we all under 25K sq. ft and all consisted of mowing, fert., weed control, and bed maintenance, with fall clean-ups, aeration, and overseeding being additional cost fall services, what would you prefer for an equiptment setup?

    to add to the description of the types of properties, they are all middle-upper class homes with some obstructions throughout the yards, and some fairly steep slopes, but nothing that is a major PITA to work with/around.

    So, if such a scenario was an option, or for those of you who have a similar scenario, what would/do you run to keep everything moving efficiently and looking top-notch?
  2. Avery

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    Are they all close together or do you have to load after each one? We do several HOA's that have 30-75 homes with lawns that size. Toro Z works well on them.
  3. ScCo

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    They are divided up, but all are within a 2 mile radius.

    There a 3 that can be done without having to load up and move.
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    We mow AOS and use the 60" BAD BOY and have no problems at all but you need an OCDC.

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